I look to go over a lot of this in a video, but just to put in writing, a typical week for me looks like this

AM gym routine
Cardio 20 min on recumbent bike 4-5x/week
Abs following cardio
Calves the morning after each leg session
Wednesday mornings (back day) I do 3 movements for triceps 3×12 each
Leg days off AM gym session completely

Training 5-6x/ week
Sunday – Arms or Off
Monday – Quads
Tuesday – Chest w/ bi’s
Wednesday – Back
Thursday – Off training (typically have body work/chiro etc scheduled here)
Friday – Hams
Saturday – Delts (w/ triceps if not training on Sunday)

Matt and I’s approach combined
He gives me some ground rules, but we’ve been together long enough I have adapted all of his principles and he trusts me and my judgment enough to follow and also listen to myself in there/make judgement calls within it

Current training approach is 4-6 movements body part dependent
Working up to one max effort top set and moving on
I go by feel and if I feel the urge to do a second working set I will
This is dependent on what rep range I hit on my first set, the volume of warm ups, if I feel the need to get a different feel to the set than the first (I.e. slower tempo, pause in the hole etc)
If for my first working set I fail at 6 reps
Typically my warm up sets would not have been much added volume at all, (loads jump quick relative to body weight and I do not want to expend myself before working set. Just enough to prime and accumulate weight) so that is where I would do a reduced weight set if I felt the need volume wise

This is still the least amount of volume I have ever done and I get everything I need out of each set and have nothing left for more.

Every working set I do is performed to muscular failure.

Again, I plan on covering a lot of this in a video, but just to give the gist here before writing out daily training sessions!