Off Season Starting Nutrition – October 6, 2018

Off training days: Remove banana from pre meal, remove pre/intra powders

Replace meal 5 or 6 with cheat meal on both off days the night prior to legs

Morning Shake: greens supplement, glutamine, endefen, natural calm, ACV, lemon


Sea Salt all meals

Chicken, beef, rice, potato measured cooked weight


Meal one:

1 english muffin

12g PB2

50g Banana

80g chicken

150g egg whites

pepper/onion mix


Meal two: (pre training)

50g carbs from cereal or cream of rice

50g banana

35g whey isolate


Meal three: (post training)

140g jasmine rice

112g extra lean beef or steak


Meal four:

112g chicken

140g jasmine rice

green beans


Meal five:

112g chicken

1 food for life tortilla

pepper/onion mix


Meal six:

200g organic non fat plain greek yogurt

12g PB2

20g whey isolate

100g any fruit


Diet update: Oct 25

Leg days only

Pre training meal: add 25g carbs

Post training meal: change rice to 210g grams


Diet update:  Nov 20

Daily base

Meal one: Add one whole egg and one extra English muffin (45g carbs from bread total)

Post training meal: change rice to 180g

Meal six: Add 16g almond butter and 50g more of fruit


I’ve recently stopped having the cheat meals be a main stay on off days prior to legs, as I have just felt its not needed, but there if I want it.