Shaun ClaridaShaun Clarida

So this past week has been what I called a rest week for me. My last show was just two weeks ago so with just coming off a show, the long flight (14 hours) and just having a long season overall (5 shows) my body was just shot . So I decided to let this week go as my body felt so I only trained 3 or 4 times this week, ate whatever I desired and slept a ton!

Last night we decided to train legs but again, I’m only 2 weeks post show so my strength is not yet 100% but I definitely still had a good workout. My workout looked like this:

Sanding Calves:
2 Warmups/4 Working Sets of 10 reps

Seated Calf Raise:
2 Sets to failure

Seated Leg Curl:
2 Warm-up/4 Working Sets of 10 reps

2 Warm-up/3 Sets of 12 reps

Leg Press:
2 Warm-up/4 Working Sets of 12 reps

V-Bar Squats:
1 Warm-up/ 3 Working Sets of 10 reps

Again, wasn’t a normal session but just wanted to get some blood into the legs versus doing nothing. Once that was done, I did 20 min on the stair-master to finish things off.