Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Guys –

I am back fully now, had a very busy week at Nationals which then lead into Thanksgiving week which I needed to just take a break and spend with my family.

I will be back to full logging this week. Currently sitting at 254 upon waking. Still getting the food in, not as hungry but I will get it in. Taking the next few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to let my body rest a bit more hormonally before making a hard push come Jan.

I appreciate the support from you guys, I want you to know this website means a lot to me but I am always going to be a coach first so on weeks like Nationals week when I have 5 competing + Shaun in Japan its going to be hard for me to get up a lot of content because within the time that I have that would be taking time away from them so I hope you guys understand.