Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Nov 3 – Hamstring Training 

Something positive here is I do think all of my therapy I am getting done is helping. I have definitely developed imbalances through all of this time, my right leg is for sure stronger than my left same goes on my posterior side with my glutes. I added in two movements here specifically to train left and right glute as well as hamstring on their own to insure both sides are working equally.

1) Seated Leg Curl
150 x 8
170 x 8 + 2 Partials

2) Adduction
worked up to a drop set starting with the stack and then dropping every 3 plates for a total of 2 drops + initial set.

3) Single Leg Leg Press – I set the seat adjustment a little higher here just to protect my hip but still was able to get some really good work out of it and also felt stable which most times when I am doing single leg work I do not so things are progressing!
Working up to 10pps x 20 reps

4) Single Leg Glute Bridge in machine
Bodyweight x 8-10 reps

5) Single Leg Standing Leg Curl
50 x 8
60 x 7 Full Reps + 7 partial reps driving hips into pad

6) Single Leg Hyperextension in 45 degree hyper
2 x 8-10 each leg with BW