Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Oct 29 – Quads 

I started going to a new chiro who is doing a new type of hip adjustment on me from the front as my left pelvis is being pulled forward. (also with that in mind my left TLF is very very tight, like put me on the ground type tight if you touch it right so this might be why my pelvis is being pulled forward) So I am approaching it from both sides with the chiropractic as well as intense massage work in my trouble spots as well as trying to be more mindful of stretching in a warm state.

Everything felt pretty good going into my training and as I continued to add weight things felt right so I did more of a normal “Matt” style of leg training as laid out below. I did not feel any direct pain in this workout, I did feel some slight pinching or tightness in my TLF during Single Leg Leg Press so I just stopped doing that movement.

Leg Extension
Used primarily as a warm up and to get blood into my legs, worked up to a set of 150 x 12

Leg Press (feet lower on the platform)
7pps x 12
8pps x 12
10pps x 15

Hack Squat
2pps x 10
3pps x 10
4pps x 10
5pps x 10

Leg Extension Drop set
150 x 8 with concentric holds / 110 x 8 w holds / 90 x 8 w holds

Smith Machine Squat
Completing as many reps out of the bottom not coming fully up until I needed to come all the way up then completing a few more.
2 sets x 15  / 13