Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Current Training Day Diet

Fasted Supplements
2 – Citrus Bergamot
2 – Himalaya Arjuana
3 – AD Liver
1 – Maximum Milk Thistle
1 – Jarrow NAC
2g – Astragaulus
4 caps of Kidney Stuff
2 caps Morphocalm
5 caps Morphorem (pre bed)
5000mg Herbstrong CBD pre bed
***I take this all again 30 min prior to my last meal

Fed Supplements
3g Vit C
5000IU Vit D
Vit K2
6 AD Heart+
6g Ultimate Omega
1500mg Tudca
Multi Minerals

Meal 1 – Pre Training
280g Rice cooked
250g Chicken Cooked

30g AD Aminotaur
90g Vitargo
20g AD Nitrox

20g AD Aminotaur

Post Meal
150g Carbs from FF pancake mix OR Rice Krispies Cereal
1 Banana
70g Whey Isolate (true nutrition)

Meal 3
280g Jasmine Rice cooked
250g Turkey patties cooked

Meal 4
2 Food for life brown rice tortilla
110g Jasmine Rice
250g Flat Iron Steak

Meal 5
85g Oats raw measure
50g banana
32g AD Advantage PB
70g Whey Isolate

Meal 6
6 slices of whole wheat bread (12g carbs per slice)
10 egg whites
2 Whole eggs

Mid Sleep
20g AD aminotaur