Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Oct 22 – Legs

Took off on Sundays which will be my “set” training day unless travel or something like travel sets it off.

I am sure you guys are just as sick hearing about my leg as I am talking about it but I am having to tip toe my way through workouts trying to make them effective and pain free and normally at some point I am going to be in pain regardless just do to use and that is when I cut it off.

Warm Up
leg extension x 20 INTO pin loaded leg press x 20 (3 rounds)

Leg Press 3pps x 20 reps (3 sets)

***My goal here is just to get a lot of blood into my legs before I go into a specific movement warm up.

Training Session


Icarian Hack Squat – warm ups at 1pps / 2 pps / 3 pps

Working at 4 pps – once I got to 4 PPS then I started the superset of Hacks into leg press

Hack Squat 4pps x 10 INTO Leg Press 5pps x 15 / 6pps x 15 / 7pps x 15 (each set of leg press I increased the weight)

On the final set – set 4 I did it in reverse order 

Leg Press 8pps x 20 INTO Hack Squat 4pps x 8 (pretty close to true failure here)

2) Superset

Leg Extension with 1 second pause at full stretch and full contraction INTO Pin Loaded Leg Press constant tension 3/4 reps

Leg Extension 110 x 10 / 10 / 9 INTO Leg Press 310 x 15 (3 rounds just showing reps for each round)

3) Free Motion Squat Machine (deadstop reps at bottom of reps)

250lbs x 10 (2 hard sets)

4) Walking Lunges BW – 1 lap around the gyms track (if i had to guess maybe 50 reps per leg)