Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Oct 20 – Calves and Hamstrings 

One of my goals this year is to really bring up my calves, if I am able to go pro I want to have calves as if I look like a pro bodybuilder when the time comes. So this is how I started out my training today.

For me and for calf training in general you have to be able to fully stretch and contract so if you are bound up and not able to get to either fully its going to limit your ability to really grow your calves.

Icarian Standing Calf
3 warm ups x 10
160 x 10 slow and controlled throughout no bouncing full pause at both end ranges.

45 Degree Seated Calf
235 x 10

2 min weighted Calf Stretch

***only working sets listed

Seated Ham Curl (Old lifefitness model)

1 shy of the stack x 7 Full Reps + 3 Partial Reps

Lying Plate Loaded Hammer SL Curl
45 x 6 + 4 Partials + second attempt in a rest pause style attempt

Icarian Adduction – keeping legs straight
110 x 11

Barbell RDL

My plan is to keep these at the end of hamstrings when they are in their most fatigued state and monitor the progression. Yesterday I got 405 x 10 which is the most reps I have gotten with 405 to this point in any state fresh or fatigued so I was very happy with that.

405 x 10

Hamstring Stretch