Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Oct 19 – Shoulders 

Most of my training is going to be truly dorian style type training with some modifications along the way based off of my own needs and progress along the way.

So for every working set listed below I have done 2-4 warm up sets done in the same manner and what I mean by that is I am taking the warm ups with just as much of a serious approach as I am taking my working sets.

Hammer Shoulder Press
*** not sure if you guys have noticed this but all hammer machines were made slightly different year by year so the loading is not all identical. I based my working set based off of what I was capable of doing last week and I overshot it a bit because the machine I was using this week was heavier. So in this case I did a back off set.

Hammer Shoulder Press
5pps x 5
4pps x 9

Seated Lateral Raise
45 x 9 Full Reps + 4 partials

Cable Lateral Raise
30 x 9

Rear DB Fly
50 x 11

Reverse Pec Deck
150 x 11