Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Diepo

I am training somewhat based off of feel right now and what I mean by that is its not set in stone. I am also continuing to have issues with my leg but I think I have finally figured it out in terms of the baseline of issues but now I need to figure out how to fix the issue. My Rectus Femoris on my left leg is not firing and is dead for lack of better word. It has a knot in it about 6 inches long I have no issue how that started but this has been present throughout my issues. I brought all my issues up to Joe Bennet and he straight away said man it sounds like a rec fem issue almost as if since its not fully functioning I am straining it every time. I am saying all of this to say that is the reason I am going off of feel, I train legs when I feel good enough to train them and I am still having to gauge how much load I can use before I have further strains.

I am aiming to train 3 on 1 off right now and it looks something like this
Legs – Quad Emphasis
Shoulders and triceps
Back and Biceps