Sunday 10-7 Update

I have reached that point in my off season now where i am really going to have to now work for the added new tissue. The initial phase of the rebound where I could eat a meal and get a pump and it seemed like my weight was climbing daily is now over. Following getting sick two weekends ago my weight dropped about 11-12 lbs. I was hoding 252 consistently the whole week in vegas came back and got sick and was 240. With two weeks of consistent eating again via my diet structure I still have not fully gotten that sick weight back. So i have made some diet changes this week and also am prioritizing rest a bit more. My goal is to do a 3 days on 1 day off type split (but with that in mind too also reserve sunday for a family day so I might push an extra day on here and then to keep that off. Once that initial phase is over, (where I do believe you can train a bit more due to just how well you are utilizing nutrients) you’ve got to get a bit smarter with the approach in order to continue to progressing so one variable I can exhaust more is rest.

Here is my diet changes below
4 meals of
280g Cooked Rice
250g Cooked Protein (alternating between steak, bison, turkey and chicken, I have two chicken meals a day and one red meat meal a day)

90g Carbs from Vitargo and Raging Full
20g EAA

180g Cereal OR 150g of carbs from Organic FF pancake mix
85g Banana
70g Whey Isolate

Final Meal
250g FF Greek yogurt
12g PB2
100g Strawberry
50g Banana
50g Whey Isolate
60g Granola

I am sleeping better now through the night but If I happen to wake up between 3-4 AM I will have 50g whey and 50g Rice Cereal. If I wake up closer to 5 am I skip it due to my thyroid medication timing if I was not taking t4 I would eat it regardless of which time I woke up