Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Leg Training – 9/26

I am having to go about leg training a bit different because my hip is still not right, actually strained something pretty bad in vegas so I need to get out of my own way of doing things because my way is basically to push until I injure myself and then set myself back a few weeks and that is not going to cut it. So I am trying to string together successful workouts without backsliding. Keeping the weights at a place where it does not hurt myself. I did get X Ray’s on Monday so I am waiting to hear the result of those.

Today after about 30 min of warming up on various machines I did the following

5 Rounds:
Cybex Hack Squat – Pause reps as deep as I could go 3pps x 8
Adduction Machine – Stack x 12
Walking Lunges – 10 steps each leg
Hammer MTS Single Leg Leg Ext – 70-80 lbs x 10-12

3 Rounds:
Hammer V Squat facing out as machine was intended with feet at the bottom of the platform for a quad emphasis x 10
Leg Extension (Dual leg) x 110 x 10