Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Guys

I got hit with a stomach bug, in fact our entire family has this week including our parents. We are in GA and planed on celebrating Dallas Birthday yesterday but literally every single member of our family has been hit with this. I got hit Friday evening and am still not feeling well as its now Sunday but I can eat today.

I am letting my hair down and eating today what I feel like i lost 12 lbs yesterday, I honestly have not done this since my show. Jordan is going to make me dessert tonight for my Birthday from back in July too as I didnt eat anything for the birthday.

I had a large sub for lunch, bag of chips, brown cow i cream bar. Going to do Sushi and then a large dessert tonight.

I am really excited to start pushing the content now that the main show of the year is done I am going to be logging training daily as well as giving more in depth detail as to the whys of what I am doing.