Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Michaela Continues to improve, we are keeping things very moderate and consistent and she is thriving within these variables.

Only change for today is 3 total 110g rice meals and 1 70g rice meal where as yesterday it was 2 and 2. She has hit a new low today

7-8 liters

Sea salt
As normal

1g VIT C at each meal
Starting tomorrow
2 Caps of Omega at every other meal
3g natural calm upon waking and post training
2 Caps of multi Mineral Meal 1 and Post training

20 min on Treadmill – choosing treadmill because its less demand on the quads

Fasted supplements

Greens powder

10g glutamine

Pills (AM fasted / 30 min prior to last meal)

NAC – 1200mg

Tudca – 750mg

Maximum milk thistle – 1 cap

Digestion / gda

Ravenous – 1 cap at each meal

Matador – 1 cap at each meal

Zinlori 75 – 1 cap prior to meal 1 and 3


Meal one

112g Chicken

110g Rice cooked

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus

3g omega, 1g Vit C, 200g coq10, 400mg life extension curcumin

Meal two

112g Chicken

110g Rice cooked

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus



Pink salt

Meal three

112g Chicken

110g Jasmine Rice

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus

Meal four

112g Tilapia cooked
70g Rice Cooked

100g green beans cooked

Meal five

5oz Tilapia cooked
100g green beans cooked

3g omega, 1g Vit C

Meal six

4oz Lean beef
5-6 Stalks of Asparagus