Matt JansenMatt Jansen

8 Liters

Sea Salt all meals equally

Training Once you Arrive

Cardio – TBD once you

Training Day Meal Layout

I want you to start eating your meals at the time you would normally eat your meals off of east coast time every 2.5 hours once you finish your last bite. Keep water / coffee intake up. Pee on plane dont hold it

To start the day when you do cardio, do cardio and then start the plan as laid out below, on days you do not do cardio just start plan 30 min after AM Supllements

Morning Greens Shake prior to meal 1
9g – Amazing Grass (I prefer cocoa) OR Other Organic Greens Product
10g – Kidney Stuff – http://www.goldenstandards.com/buy-kidney-stuff.html
10g – Glutamine
***Take another 10g of Kidney Stuff PM

Off Day – Remove Peri Workout Nutrition (Just the powders used during / post training)

Consume meals in order with your pre and post meal when you train.

Add Pink Salt or Sea Salt to all meals

Vitamins taken upon Waking on empty stomach:

1200mg NAC, 750mg Tudca, 1000mg Milk Thistle, 1 citrus bergamot

Evening on empty stomach between 5th and 6 meal:

600mg NAC, 1000mg Milk Thistle, 1 citrus bergamot (30 min prior to meal), 750mg Tudca

Fat Burners



Digestive Aids

If you are currently using anything for digestion keep it in for now. I do not want you using a fiber product.

1 Matador at each carb meal. No matador needed with Vitargo shake

Meal 1

2 Rice Cakes
224g – Tilapia cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked

3g – Omega 3 Oil, Vit C – 1g, 2 Solaray Milti mineral, 400 IU Vit E, 15mg Zinc, 100mg b Complex, 2000IU Vit D, CoQ10 – 200mg. Life Extension Curcumin 400mg, Vit K2 1 cap life extension brand, 1g – Astragalus, 1 Resveratrol cap (Jarrow formula), 2 beta sisterol (NOW brand), 2 Pantathine (Now Brand)

Meal 2

2 Rice Cakes
224g – Tilapia Cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked

Meal 3

2 Rice Cakes
196g – 99% Lean ground turkey cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked

Meal 4

2 Rice Cakes
224g – Tilapia Cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked

Pre train Shake

Few Shakes of pink Salt
***IN 1 liter of water

(Have most of this down prior to training)

Intra workout Layout –


Post Workout Meal

Meal 6


3g – Omega 3 oil, Vit C – 1g, 2 Solaray Milti mineral


Steady State Cardio fasted AM upon waking following morning supplements

6 Days per week

Good consistent pace here breaking and maintaining a sweat.

30 min

Recumbent bike or stairs

Breaking and maintaining a sweat throughout on recumbent bike. Increase the resistance and keep RPM at 85-90

I want a good sweat here and assertive pace!