Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Here is Michaela’s one day out plan from yesterday as she is competing today in Phoenix. We used a very moderate approach because she entered this prep I would say her freshest to day based off of how we were able to monitor things over the final 2-3 weeks. Very very happy with her look as she woke up this morning, this is a very very big show for her with many top Olympian and Arnold athletes competing today.

Send pics following every meal when you can without stress, just indicate for me how long its been post meal 

8 ounces with each meal
18-24 ounces between each meal for now (whatever is going down easy)
Sea salt
As normal
1g VIT C at each meal
Starting tomorrow
2 Caps of Omega at every other meal
3g natural calm upon waking and post training
2 Caps of multi Mineral Meal 1 and Post training
Light posing between each meal and then send pics following the posingFasted supplements – Taken through Friday AM 

Greens powder 

10g glutamine 

Pills (AM fasted / 30 min prior to last meal) – Taken through Thursday PM and Friday AM (nothing friday pm) 

NAC – 1200mg 

Tudca – 750mg 

Maximum milk thistle – 1 cap  

Digestion / gda

Ravenous – 1 cap at each meal 

Matador – 1 cap at each meal 

Zinlori 75 – 1 cap prior to meal 1 and 3 


Meal one

150g Chicken 

110g Rice cooked  

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus 

3g omega, 1g Vit C, 200g coq10, 400mg life extension curcumin 

Meal two 

150g Chicken 

110g Rice cooked  

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus

I dont know after this but want to start there for first two meals

Continue on same water for now, continue to update me with pics

Meal three  

150g Tilapia cooked
110g Rice Cooked

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus 

Meal four 

150g Tilapia cooked
110g Rice cooked  

5-6 Stalks of Asparagus 

3g omega, 1g Vit C

Reduced water to an as needed basis at 6 pm 

Meal five
150g Tilapia
70g Rice
40g Avocado
4oz coffee

3g natural calm
6 morphorem caps at 9 pm

Meal 6
3 chick fil a strips
medium Fry