Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Mitchell – I think with any coach you are going to have that coaches personal preference leak down into into the athletes plans. Organic Jasmine is just my favorite type of rice and I feel it has the best flavor and texture which is why I recommend it for those I am helping, other rice options are definitely suitable.

Hey Nathan – Nathan has access to vitargo in Liverpool so I just kept that source consistent once he was here. My personal favorite is Raging Full which is a blend of dextrin and potato carb.

Hey Mike -I most times prefer to put nutrients in to be utilized from a storage and energy standpoint prior to training so you can get the benefits of that during training rather than running into training depleted and then filling up afterward as you really wont “feel” this fill in the depleted bodypart from a training performance perspective, this is just my approach not to say I wouldnt ever put more food in after training as well just all depends on where the persons body is at.