Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Nathan – I do not use any Redcon1 supplements right now. I am using using a few products from morphogen nutrition which I really like. Morphocalm, rem, and prime.

From AD I am basically using everything
Nitrox (love this pre training formula and it simplifies things)
Raging Full (intra carb of choice regardless of association)

Zach –

I prefer two rotations I feel that you can keep the motor patterns better in sync rather than having to re learn them.

Hey Sam –

Nothing wrong with that approach, many works. I am aiming for high protein intake now to see how and if it benefits me from a tissue, recovery, thermogenic effect of food standpoint all of which I feel are positive benefits. I was a moderate protein higher carb guy in years past seeing if taking in more protein and raising the carbs more slowly benefits me.

Sameer –

I feel better on both, this was something my Dr and I worked on overtime as I initially started out on a lower dosage of armour before switching to a direct T4 and T3 to get the ratio closer to what I needed rather than fixed.

Jim Bob –

Work with a more narrow grip say on Hammer Flat Press and press through full contraction!

Michael –

If you are checking fasted Levels make sure you are going to be very hydrated and also wake up and have about 32 ounces of water – wait 30 min without food then check this will give you a more true reading. If still high ~100 I would then look towards Diet / current bodyfat levels and look to reduce both. Also a GDA like Matador with your higher carb meals will help!