Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Mondays Leg Training

Leg Extensions
We did  a lot of warm up sets here accumulating in weight every other set so two sets at the same weight then bump and so on. Started at 5olbs on the stack and finished with 130 doing 20 reps per set. This was just to get really warm and blood flowing prior to heavy work we came back and did working sets.

Pendulum Squat
Sets of 8 adding 45 lbs per set until a very hard set of 8, at this point we added another 45 and grinded out another set of 8 I would say this set is on the verge of pushing for reps you are unsure of actually getting just need to get after it.

Banded Hack squats w/ 1 inch bands
Constant tension reps aiming for no lockout at the top driving and contracting hard through band tension with 4 second eccentrics loading through the quads. 2 max sets of 8-10 reps

Leg extensions
The tempo we started with was basically 3 seconds down / 1 second pause in hole / hard contraction making sure to not just throw the weight from the hips / 1 second isometric hold at the top. We kept this even as we were reaching failure and drove the weight as high as we could on each rep until we could hardly move the stack at all, again not speeding up the reps. 3 working sets

DB Goblet Squat
No lockout on these, we did about 6 sets in total 2 that were very challenging. Really focusing on keeping body upright and pushing knees forward to further load the hips