Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Today is a day where Nathan really tries to mentally and physically rest and sleep a lot. We take Mondays our main leg day off of cardio so today we wake up go knock out cardio and then the rest of the day is devoted to resting as much as possible. I really believe as well as Nathan that this is crucial in order to maintain the level of training that we do.

Yesterday we had a really good shoulder session which we filmed for his upcoming DVD!

Here is how it went

Plate Loaded Lifefitness Press 
Worked up to two max sets at 5 pps (Nathan got 15 reps on his first set and 9 on his second set. This is a very typical response when you are taking a set to true failure and not submax work)

Seated Lateral DB Raise 
Starting at 20 lbs we worked up in 5 lb per side increments until we could not get a set of 10, this is a way to accumulate a little more sub max volume and blood flow until we reach top end sets, even though this approach might take away from the top end max load. (Just something to consider) We ended up working to 40’s for me for two max sets and 50’s for Nathan for two max sets.

Single Arm DB Front Raise
This was done just focusing on one arm at a time completing all reps then alternating arms. The pump by this point was crazy that constant tension on the front delt that comes from single arm reps without alternating is great!

We worked up to 1 max set of 8-10 reps, warm ups were at 30 / 35 / 40 / and then working at 45

Kneeling Cybex Lateral Raise
3/4 reps from the top (not coming all the way down to waist)
Similar approach here worked up 1 pin on the weight stack at a time until a max set of 10-12 and then maintained that weight for a second additional set

D handle Lying upright row (done on dual pulley seated Cable row) 

3 working sets here x 10 -12 each done shy of failure. I dont really like taking these to true failure and pushing the load so much as I feel like form will be compromised so we focused more on form and execution here.

Rope Cross Body Extension

Cable Straight Arm Pressdown

Cable Single D handle pressdonw

3 hard sets on each movement