Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Michaela has hit a few 119’s this week, yesterday which I felt like was her flattest of the week as well as the day prior to legs (a body part that we are aiming to keep as strong as possible from a look standpoint) so we did her normal refeed as of late yesterday which was 210g of cooked rice per meal as her carbs for the day so 210g x 6, keeping her base protein and fats the same.

Today she woke up at 121.6 – I just felt in my gut based off of the pics we needed a bit more today so what we did was half of a high day so meals 1-3 high day plan which will allow her two pre training and 1 post training meal of the high day plan then for meals 4-6 returning back to baseline diet.

Reduced cardio yesterday to 30 min and today she had no cardio.