Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Thursdays Training – Hamstrings

Standing Hamstring Curl (keeping hips pinned to pad not allowing glutes to shoot back) 
Worked up to a max set of 10-12
Second set was using the same weight for max reps then we dropped down 20 lbs for slow contractions  then we dropped another 20 and did that for speed work.

Superset: Adduction Machine INTO DB Lying Leg Curl

Following warm ups

3 working sets of each in the 10-12 rep range with 4 second eccentrics on both movements

Banded Wide Narrow Stance Leg press 

Driving fully through heals and focusing on pulling knees back into hamstrings IE hip drive vs quad extension. These were done with a very slow tempo I feel like if you speed it up your quads will take over. We started with 3pps and worked up to 9pps, working up 1 plate at a time.

Lying leg curl 

21’s style here – 3 rounds