Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Thursday Update

Nathan jumped 3 lb exactly from yesterdays high day which is perfect, his performance has not dropped at all so we are going back to digging today.

Here is yesterdays training


Incline Barbell Press
Worked up to a max set of 6 – 8 for top working set
Back off set reduction of 50 lbs and did a rest pause set comprised of 3 attempts at the same weight with 10 deep breaths in between.

Incline DB Fly
Two top sets at same weight. First set aiming for 9-10, second set aiming for 7-8.

Flat Plate Loaded Machine Press
Worked up to a max set of 10 then 8 slight increase in weight for the set of 8. On both top end sets we did about a 20 second eccentric fight on the last rep lowering the weight as slow as we could.

High to Low MM Cable Fly
Sets of 10 starting at 50lb until you can no longer get 10 reps with perfect form no body english or leaning into reps. Finished at 90 lbs x 10 sets.

45 degree leaning dips on plate loaded machine
One max effort working set aiming for 12-15 reps. 

Chest Stretch