Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Sameer – Hunger is definitely present through the day but I am not starving, if I were basing things solely off of hunger I would be eating a lot more I do not feel full through the day but my muscles are full, performance is increasing, Daily energy is increasing, nightly rest is slowly improving and my weight is moving so I do not want to force more than needed and shoot myself in the foot. The way I look at it is the more my weight rises on less food while I know I am visibly staying tight the more wiggle room I will have to play with my numbers when I hit a sticking point, I also want to keep my insulin sensativity in a good spot which I checked twice yesterday it was 83 upon waking and 89 about 75 min following a meal of 60g of carbs so things are in a good spot right now. I dont think a blood sugar reading is the end all be all but definitely a tool to monitor and obviously you do not want it chronically elevated.

I do not take deloads really, If i feel I need it I will just do a reduction of sets but keep loading consistent OR simply take an extra day or days off of the gym. The last month of prep I would not say I overly taxed my nervous system that often simply because my leverages did not support doing so, so right now I feel very fresh.

I have also done cardio every day since the show outside of the one day we spent with our family.