Matt JansenMatt Jansen

221.8 today – tightest I have been, getting more excited by the day.

I have had a devil and angel on my shoulder all day telling me to eat / not to eat / to eat big / ect. I know in all honesty I can handle it and it might be the best thing for me but at this point mentally its really tough so I have chosen a middle ground. In that I am not keeping base line plan NOR doing a full high day. What I have done is keep my fats the exact same and keep my protein the exact same and raise my carbs per meal up to 80g per meal. So with this if I gain absolutely nothing tomorrow or a bit then I have a better idea in terms of where my body is at right now for a load. I do think this is keeping my body as stable as possible which for my own mental well being I feel that is best right now. I want to be perfect when I am in vegas, if I were to eat big today it would workout just fine but it would also have to increase the rate of work the next few days and to be honest I have done the work and I am confident in what I have done I dont see the point in adding in extra. Now to be fair if I continue to drop OR simply need more I will add it in but I want to do something very controlled and methodical first much as I would do the day prior to a show and see where I land in the morning and then make further adjustments from there.

On another note the past two days I have made a bomb post workout meal. Its extremely hot here in the gym so the thought of eating fish at this point post workout turns my stomach so I took the exact same macros and am doing a whey isolate shake with peanut butter. I have figured out the ice to water ratio about perfect over the past few days where it comes out like a frosty from wendy’s (well at least in my diet brain) and then I dip lundburg plain salted rice cakes into it.  About as good as its going to get right now lol