Hey Matt. Two quick questions.


1. So I have a old pair of otomix hi-tops (black with red trim) that has gotten beat up over the years. I really like them, and am thinking of picking up another pair of otomix. I may just get another pair of hi-tops, but am considering the ninja warriors or sting rays. Do you have a favorite out of the three, and more specifically between the ninjas and sting rays?

2. What are your favorite exercises to really focus on and hit the long head of the triceps? Since the triceps makes up 2/3rds or so of your upper arm, and the long head makes up about 2/3rds of the triceps, it makes sense to devote more work on that specific head. My lateral and middle head are decently developed, and I have a good mind muscle connection with them, but not so much with the long head.