Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Did an update video going over the past few days which is now up!

I am 229 today two days post very high day.

I had a good strong chest workout yesterday, one of my goals this prep was to be able to safely bench 405 for reps at the end of my prep and I accomplished that so I was happy. I didnt push it to true failure but extended the set by doing a 405-315-225 drop set and I slowed down the reps with each drop.

Here was yesterdays diet made a few slight changes to meal order, added in sweet potato instead of yukon to see how it sits with me. My food sponsor trifecta offers sweet potato and all of their food tastes so good that I wanted to give it a go.

***started doing 5 shakes of salt on each meal / 10 on breakfast

Meal 1
70g COR
12g PB2
9oz Chicken
Whole foods fresh salsa
1.5 scoop Greens shake / 10g glutamine / 10g fiber

Meal 2
250g Steak cooked
200g Sweet potato (trifecta)
75g Asparagus


Pre Workout
AD Untamed Pre workout 5g
2g Pink Salt
20g Nitrox
5g Creatine
10g EAA

10g EAA
2g Synerplex Revive Electrolytes
2 magnesium tabs (trace mineral research)
200mg L – Theanine

Meal 3 –
140g Jasmine Rice cooked
280g Tilapia cooked
75g Asparagus

Meal 4
280g – Salmon Cooked
75g – Asparagus
Whole foods fresh salsa

Prior to meal 5
Green Shake with 7g Metagenics Endefen digestive powder

Meal 5
250g – Steak cooked
75g – Asparagus

Meal 6 –
65g Whey Isolate
15g Almond Butter