Matt JansenMatt Jansen

I have a few factors I consider when I choose a refeed for an athlete, the longer I get to know them the more I think goes into it for me too. Based off of how far out from a show we are and the goal of the refeed will determine if we do a fully calculated refeed or more of a meal out, I also like to consider the mental “relaxation” variable when it comes to a refeed which I think is a benefit that is not often considered but a highly beneficial aspect of a refeed. For Michaela yesterday she is 9 and 10 weeks out and about ~5 lbs away from stage weight max so with this being said I wanted to give a physiological refeed as well as a fun night out with her mom so I told her to go enjoy as much sushi as she wanted where she left feeling full not like she cant breathe and then to finish it off with some fro yo. As we get closer to the show I care knowing more about exact intake and what the athlete needs but when its an option I think a night of mental relaxation even if its just a few hours can be very beneficial over the duration of a prep.  She went from 123.8 – 125.8 so exactly 2 lbs some of this is strictly sodium from the sushi meal and some is actual glycogen but not all true glycogen response so I dont expect it to stay around long. That is another variable I consider the closer we get to the show I would rather see the athlete eat as much as they possibly can without any outliers IE sodium / water but again for now the goal was accomplished!