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Hey Jim

Those are all supplements that are best consumed on an empty stomach which is why I take them when I do. And yes I do take all three year around.

yes for sure I can do a video on that but the main thing I did was an elimination diet and then did not go back to foods that do not work well with me for a long time and then slowly re introduced them, still to this day some just dont sit as well which is is why I cut them asap during prep like egg whites. I can do whole eggs just fine but if the ratio of egg whites to whole eggs is not equal it presents issues for me. Same with oats I do not eat them during prep because they bloat me, as well as sweet potato. These were probably three of my main foods when my digestion was at its worst because I loved satisfying my pallet within bodybuilding type foods although I was doing a very poor job of digesting them, getting backed up, creating an allergy ect.


I prefer to eliminate most things that I would not use leading into pre judging of a show just from a mental standpoint that is how I like to work. That being said I did have a diet coke after pre j and so its just another form of crazy in that i am justifying when and when I dont have something. Its more so that I feel that we are doing this to be the best we can be and if something is not making me better than why use it.