Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Update from today. Woke up this AM at 226.8, running a small depletion into this first show of the year. I kept cardio in this AM at 30 min. All is going well, my top end strength is still there just strength endurance is gone which is part of the game. Keeping my protein high is helping a bit with my satiety…a bit haha.

Here is the plan for today!

June 26, 2018 (Tuesday)

Weight: 226.8 (Following Low day the day before 228.8)


Cardio: 30 min

Training: Chest


2 RPG cap at meal 2 only


3g of Natural Calm Prior post workout and prior to bed


Meal 1
70g COR
12g PB2
9oz Chicken
1.5 scoop Greens shake / 10g glutamine / 10g fiber

Meal 3
210g Jasmine Rice
10oz Tilapia Cooked

5 stalks Asparaugs

Pre Workout
AD Pre workout 5g
2g Pink Salt
10g EAA


Weight Post Workout:

10g EAA
5g Natural Calm

Meal 3 – Post Workout
70g COR
15g PB Powder
65g Whey Isolate

Meal 4
70g Rice
280g Tilapia cooked

Prior to meal 5
Green Shake with Metagenics digestive powder

Meal 5
9oz Flank
Asparagus / Onion / Pepper

Meal 6
65g Whey Isolate