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Hey Sameer

My main concern is healthy blood sugar during all seasons, BG can cause a lot more issues than AMPK activation so that is how I view things. I have used GDA non stop since 2011 and i dont think its hurt me yet. Not to be pompous but I think far too often we look to much into studies and not the real word data in front of us. I was taking it almost 1000g of carbs this off season I would have never done that without a ton of GDA’s as I would have been more concerned with the intake on my blood glucose.

As a natural athlete I would use a blood glucose monitor as your guide and use GDA like matador as needed based off of that and for sure with a cheat or high carb meals.

I am not a big stim guy I have about 1/2c of coffee when I get up prior to AM cardio and I finish that cup with my breakfast. I take 5g of AD’s pre workout prior to training which is about 300mg of caffeine and that is it for the day for me. I am a proponet of yohimbine HCL use for those that can handle it. In my experience girls can hanlde a lot more than guys. I cannot handle it at all my anxiety goes through the roof. The sweet spot for most guys is 5-10mg daily AM fasted and for women I can push it much higher without negative return.