Matt JansenMatt Jansen

I went from 233.8 yesterday to 229 this am and whew I am feeling it. I did have a great leg session yesterday didnt really feel like I overdid it but clearly it put my body into overdrive. I am okay with the drop just was not expecting basically 5 lbs over night. I am eating up again today honestly dont expect much change in the morning on the scale which is okay. I plan to do 650g carbs total today and either 20g of almond butter or 65g of avocado added to each meal.

I trained arms today and its for sure the hardest I have felt during training thus far. Not a crazy pump just a hard skin pump if that makes any sense. Those of you who have experienced it know what I mean.

I did 30 min of Am cardio this morning to keep it going.

One thing that dawned on me this morning and it was not even intentional is that I have purposely gone easier on my cardio this year in the past the more in shape I got the more I would push the pace and this year I have just kept it consistent. Now if this has aided in greater fat loss and better recovery / less cortisol I do not know for sure but just something to consider.