Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Diet Update June 23


1 burger and fry meal a week following your chest training

***I am adding in more food daily now in addition to your cheat meal as well, these are daily changes.

Bringing Cardio down to 5 days a week. Do cardio on off days from training. Stay off of cardio on leg days

I want you training 5 days a week right now.

One day focused on hamstrings and adductors
Back / Biceps
Chest / Triceps (Burger and fry meal)
Shoulders / Traps

Training Day Meal Layout

Morning Greens Shake prior to meal 1
9g – Amazing Grass (I prefer cocoa) OR Other Organic Greens Product
10g – Kidney Stuff – http://www.goldenstandards.c<wbr />om/buy-kidney-stuff.html
10g – Glutamine
***Take another 10g of Kidney Stuff PM

o    Off Day – Remove Peri Workout Nutrition (Just the powders used during / post training)

o    Consume meals in order with your pre and post meal when you train.

o    Add Pink Salt or Sea Salt to all meals

o    Vitamins taken upon Waking on empty stomach:
1200mg NAC, 750mg Tudca, 1000mg Milk Thistle, 1 citrus bergamot

o    Evening on empty stomach between 5th and 6 meal:
600mg NAC, 1000mg Milk Thistle, 1 citrus bergamot (30 min prior to meal), 750mg Tudca

If you are currently using anything for digestion keep it in for now. I do not want you using a fiber product.

2 Matador at each carb meal. No matador needed with Vitargo shake

o    Meal 1
§  110g – Cream of Rice
80g – Banana
20g – Almond OR PB
2 Whole eggs
300g – egg whites (raw measure then cooked

3g – Omega 3 Oil, Vit C – 1g, 2 Solaray Milti mineral, 400 IU Vit E, 15mg Zinc, 100mg b Complex, 2000IU Vit D, CoQ10 – 200mg. Life Extension Curcumin 400mg, Vit K2 1 cap life extension brand, 1g – Astragalus, 1 Resveratrol cap (Jarrow formula), 2 beta sisterol (NOW brand), 2 Pantathine (Now Brand)

o    Meal 2
§  280g – Jasmine Rice cooked
196g – Lean Ground Beef Cooked
75g – Fresh Green beans cooked

o    Meal 3
§  280g – Jasmine Rice cooked
196g – 99% Lean ground turkey cooked
50g – Avocado

o    Meal 4
§ 3 English Muffins
30g Jam
196g – Ground Beef cooked

o    Pre train Shake
5g – L Citrulline
5g – Creatine monohydrate
10g – EAA
30g – Carb Powder
Few Shakes of pink Salt
***IN 1 liter of water

(Have most of this down prior to training)
o    Intra workout Layout –
10g – EAA

o    Post Workout Meal
50g Vitargo
50g Whey Isolate

o    Meal 6
§ 400g – Yokon Potato
196g – 99% Ground Turkey
10g – Mac Nut Oil

3g – Omega 3 oil, Vit C – 1g, 2 Solaray Milti mineral

Ø  Cardio:

o   Steady State Cardio fasted AM upon waking following morning supplements
§  5 Days per week
§  Good consistent pace here breaking and maintaining a sweat.
§  25 min

§  Recumbent bike or stairs

Breaking and maintaining a sweat throughout on recumbent bike. Increase the resistance and keep RPM at 85-90