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    I said Hams yesterday was the best I’ve felt in the gym so far since the show…
    Must have gotten the best of me lol, today’s presses hit me like a ton of bricks!

    Seated smith press
    Set 1: “185” x 5 – these were a struggle bus from rep 1 and partner assisted top end of last 2
    Set 2: “155” x 8, racked it like a rest pause, got 1 more, racked it again, tried for another and failed

    Seated single arm DB press
    Set 1: 60 x 6 (almost 7)

    Plate loaded hammer press
    Set 1: dead stop reps 2pps x 6
    Set 2: 45 + 25 per side (unsure of reps but turned it into a single drop set)

    Standing DB lateral raise
    Set 1: 25s x 12 + strict side partials to extend
    Set 2: 30s x9, 20s x 8, 10s x top partial reps then full reps, unsure of count

    Super set
    Standing cable upright row facing stack
    Cable front raise back against stack
    2 rounds 15-12 each

    Super set
    Standing cable rear delt fly from high pulley
    Rope face pulls from lat pull down
    2 rounds 20-15 each

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    Joseph- I’m honestly still unsure of what you mean.
    Each working set is listed in the written out programs I have posted thus far.

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    Joseph, thank you. And I am u sure of what you mean by your question.

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    Hey Lauren, the sets I list in each of these written out sessions are the only working sets I do.
    1-2 true working sets per movement

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    Today was the best I’ve felt in the gym so far since the show
    May sound silly as it’s been almost 10 weeks now, but it’s true.

    Hams 12/7/18

    Lying leg curl
    Sow controlled eccentric, dead stop at stretch, explosive concentric, hard contraction throughout
    Set 1: “modified” rest pause drop set
    120×7, 100×5, 80×5 + 3 partials
    Set 2: 80x not sure how many reps, didn’t count or record but somewhere around 12+

    High wide leg press
    Deep as I can without butt and low back folding
    Keep weight on heels, I aim to pull knees out through eccentric and feel a strong adductor stretch, pause at chest, drive hard through heels, contracting hams and adductors throughout until that fails
    One set: 6pps x 18

    DB RDL
    Really slow and controlled reps, tension on hams throughout until that fails
    130’s x 7 + an eccentric
    105’s x 8 + an eccentric (aimed to push my hips through more on second set to contact glutes hard at top)

    Did this as a 3 movement cluster
    1. Adductor
    2. Seated leg curl
    3. Elevated DB Sumo squat/pull
    2 rounds 15-12 each

    Barbell long stride walking lunge
    1 set as long as I could, dropped bar, body weight as long as I could

    Great day for me
    The leg press was a PR in reps and execution
    I’ve been milking that weight past 3-4 weeks and failing better/with more reps each time and also wanted to improve execution with it before I increased weight, so looks like next week should be the time to go up!

    DB rdls are not an all time pr for me, but they are as of late. It’s been a long road back with those the past year but they will be better than ever soon!

    The cluster isn’t for me to throw unnecessary volume, those movements pair great together!
    It also allows me a way to get the biggest bang for my buck out of the DB sumo pull/squat as 130 is the heaviest dB we have
    And also not spend a ton of time warming up on each individual movement separately

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    This morning along with cardio
    3 tricep movements
    3×12 each

    Back 12/5/18

    Back was the number one pick on a story question I posted this morning about what my first training video should be, so I believe I’ll be using today’s session for this weeks video

    Warm ups: Just enough to get feel for movement and accumulate weight. Low reps.
    It gets pumped quick so I don’t do much as I want to save my best for my work sets.

    Execution: I fortunately am able to get a great connection with my back (when I’m not flat lol) so any movement I do, I can lock in and position myself in a way to target whatever area I want and keep constant tension there throughout until it fails
    I aim to be as strict as possible, hard contractions, controlled eccentric best I can, and explosive concentric while keeping momentum as minimal as possible
    The key is not just moving weight with your arms. As silly as it sounds, lock in with your mind where you’re targeting, connect and drive the weight with that.

    Wide grip lat pull down
    Accumulating weight warm ups until I reached a heavy weight and felt good to go
    1 all out rest pause set 3 attempts
    -staying as upright as possible, driving with upper lats, squeezing low lats at contraction, good stretch with slight pause

    T bar row
    I aim to get my upper body as parallel to the floor as I can
    Pulling “up” to belly button
    This keeps me strict and not incorporating traps like I would if I stood more upright and became a shrug
    7 25lb plates x 6
    6 25lb plates x 7

    Reverse grip EZ bar row
    I’m able to stand slightly more upright in these because of the position of my hands and the direction I will drive my elbows
    Here I am driving “back” to my waistline
    8 25lb plates x 8
    8 25lb plates x 6

    Single arm DB row
    I stop the weight at stretch for a slight hang, then drive back as explosive as I can through lats and erectors
    120’s x 9

    DB pullover
    Good stretch with lats, hard contraction through mid back on concentric
    1 “rest pause” set
    80lb x 8,2,1

    Rack pull on smith
    May not be considered a hardcore movement, but it is hard and smokes my mid back
    Just like with everything else I keep the tension locked in and back contracted the entire ROM and go until the contraction fails
    Below knee
    Dead stop on rack no bounce
    “315” x 9

    Good day today
    Finals week for school has me shot lol but it’s coming to a close!
    Good session, no complaints!

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    Chest 12/4/18

    Warm ups for chest
    I like to prime each movement best I can, but chest is one thing that fatigues quick for me so low rep warm ups ascending in weight just to reach my working weight is how I approach them
    First movement would be most amount of warm ups and then they descend with each movement from there

    I have great connection and activation with my chest.
    Main things I focus on are maintain a slight arch, never caving shoulders, controlled eccentrics, pause at chest on presses, pause at stretch on flys, and HARD contractions keeping tension on chest throughout until it fails.

    Slight incline smith press
    “205”x 8
    had a perfect spot here and assisted 7th rep by a touch at peak contraction, then a nudge the final 1/3 of the 8th rep

    Stayed there: Increased incline, reduced weight, and slowed eccentric
    “185”x 8 spot assisted finish of final rep

    Floor press mimic with two benches
    I honestly can’t set up the dumbbells by myself on the floor to give the effort I want to a press, plus the air is thin down there lol

    85’s x 6

    Incline DB fly
    50’s x 8

    Flat DB Fly
    50’s x failed mid way through 7th rep

    One cluster set
    Pin loaded dip X 11
    Seated cable fly x 11
    Reps not intended to match like that lol

    Chest stretch on the seated cable fly by getting in the position you would to fly, but lean forward letting chest get out in front of your arms

    Overall really good day
    One of the better chest days I’ve had the past few weeks
    To be honest my endurance can still use some improving during training after my first two movements, but no complaints!

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    Lauren, thanks so much for that. I think it’s so cool when people have had enough interest to actually follow for years. And now we actually have a platform to explain rather than just show!

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    Hey Michael, thank you for that!

    I actually list that above where I wrote out my nutrition.

    Pre/start of training
    Vitargo/Raging full
    Creatine monohydrate
    AD Nitrox


    Amounts will be person dependent

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    Quads 12/3/18

    All sets to muscular failure
    Main goal for execution being to control weight best I can and put myself in the position to make each rep as hard as I can.

    Warm up leg ext and abductor machine

    Hack squat
    Driving more so through toes, focusing on keeping knees from caving, and making sure it stays on quads and not glutes

    6 plates one side 5 plates other side
    (Even distribution)
    11 reps
    Wasn’t pleased with this set so did a slight back down by 1 plate as second set
    5pps x 9 reps

    Smith front squat
    heels elevated
    Pausing in hole, fire concentric, hard contraction
    2pps x 9
    Failed on the way up of 10th rep
    I’ve done 2 plates and a quarter per side on this, but unable to get the depth and execution as I was with this today. Yet anyways.

    Plate loaded hammer strength upright single leg press
    Banded resistance
    I put a pad under my butt to elevate me slightly and foot placed on the bottom of the platform and pressing through my toes and it is all quad this way
    4pps x 9
    Backdown set w/ constant tension
    3pps x 14

    Leg ext
    Hard pause at contraction, controlled eccentric, slight pause, fire concentric
    1 hard heavy set for ~ 12 and turned into a single drop set until full contraction stopped followed by as many bottom partials as I could move

    Front loaded short stride walking lunges
    To be honest I’m unsure on reps, just went until I couldn’t and then dropped the bar and did body weight pulse style to failure

    Pulse style just meaning down and up twice before lunging with next leg


    The past few weeks I’ve made huge jumps of improvement week to week in my quad training
    Today happened to be just a so so day
    I didn’t regress, but didn’t hit anything ground breaking either
    Went in feeling normal and my mental fortitude is the same day to day, so no reason other than physically body just didn’t do it today
    I still always train to what my physical failure is that day and never ever let up.
    I’m very critical of myself and my training
    To most it would have been a great session, but to me if the feel is off then I’m not satisfied.
    That’s what makes me, me.
    And of course leave just as smoked as always.

    That’s my attempt at a little journal of honesty that you don’t get on Instagram lol

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    Delts 12/1/18

    Seated Smith Machine Press
    (This one provides zero assistance)
    Top set: 185×5
    Goal was more reps than that so followed with a back down set
    155x 8

    Seated single arm DB press
    New movement for me
    50×9 per arm

    Plate loaded hammer strength press
    The old heavy version
    Dead stop reps
    2pps x 7
    When I reached my last rep and knew if I came down with an eccentric I wouldn’t be able to drive back up, I did top end partials to failure

    Standing DB lateral raise
    30s x 9 full ROM
    25’s x 11 purposely stopping 3/4 of the way down and driving back up

    Lying cable upright row
    Cable front raise
    Strict standing cable rear delt fly
    2 rounds 15-12ish each

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    I look to go over a lot of this in a video, but just to put in writing, a typical week for me looks like this

    AM gym routine
    Cardio 20 min on recumbent bike 4-5x/week
    Abs following cardio
    Calves the morning after each leg session
    Wednesday mornings (back day) I do 3 movements for triceps 3×12 each
    Leg days off AM gym session completely

    Training 5-6x/ week
    Sunday – Arms or Off
    Monday – Quads
    Tuesday – Chest w/ bi’s
    Wednesday – Back
    Thursday – Off training (typically have body work/chiro etc scheduled here)
    Friday – Hams
    Saturday – Delts (w/ triceps if not training on Sunday)

    Matt and I’s approach combined
    He gives me some ground rules, but we’ve been together long enough I have adapted all of his principles and he trusts me and my judgment enough to follow and also listen to myself in there/make judgement calls within it

    Current training approach is 4-6 movements body part dependent
    Working up to one max effort top set and moving on
    I go by feel and if I feel the urge to do a second working set I will
    This is dependent on what rep range I hit on my first set, the volume of warm ups, if I feel the need to get a different feel to the set than the first (I.e. slower tempo, pause in the hole etc)
    If for my first working set I fail at 6 reps
    Typically my warm up sets would not have been much added volume at all, (loads jump quick relative to body weight and I do not want to expend myself before working set. Just enough to prime and accumulate weight) so that is where I would do a reduced weight set if I felt the need volume wise

    This is still the least amount of volume I have ever done and I get everything I need out of each set and have nothing left for more.

    Every working set I do is performed to muscular failure.

    Again, I plan on covering a lot of this in a video, but just to give the gist here before writing out daily training sessions!

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    Off Season Starting Nutrition – October 6, 2018

    Off training days: Remove banana from pre meal, remove pre/intra powders

    Replace meal 5 or 6 with cheat meal on both off days the night prior to legs

    Morning Shake: greens supplement, glutamine, endefen, natural calm, ACV, lemon


    Sea Salt all meals

    Chicken, beef, rice, potato measured cooked weight


    Meal one:

    1 english muffin

    12g PB2

    50g Banana

    80g chicken

    150g egg whites

    pepper/onion mix


    Meal two: (pre training)

    50g carbs from cereal or cream of rice

    50g banana

    35g whey isolate


    Meal three: (post training)

    140g jasmine rice

    112g extra lean beef or steak


    Meal four:

    112g chicken

    140g jasmine rice

    green beans


    Meal five:

    112g chicken

    1 food for life tortilla

    pepper/onion mix


    Meal six:

    200g organic non fat plain greek yogurt

    12g PB2

    20g whey isolate

    100g any fruit


    Diet update: Oct 25

    Leg days only

    Pre training meal: add 25g carbs

    Post training meal: change rice to 210g grams


    Diet update:  Nov 20

    Daily base

    Meal one: Add one whole egg and one extra English muffin (45g carbs from bread total)

    Post training meal: change rice to 180g

    Meal six: Add 16g almond butter and 50g more of fruit


    I’ve recently stopped having the cheat meals be a main stay on off days prior to legs, as I have just felt its not needed, but there if I want it.

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    The first video explaining what our goal is with this is now posted in the video section!

    in reply to: Michaela Aycock – Process of Transformation 2019 #3003

    Thank you both, Wanner and Brett!
    Should have the first introduction video up within this next week!

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