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    Christmas Eve 7 AM quads…

    Unusually busy in the gym this morning so my first movement is a smith I never use because literally everything else was taken for a while lol
    All good though it was a good day

    Smith machine back squats
    Heels elevated
    Slow and controlled reps just trying to make them as hard as I can
    Set 1: 315 x 6
    Set 2: longer pauses in hole 225 x 11 failed on 12th

    Hack squat
    Aiming to fire them out under control without stopping/locking out until quads fail
    One set: 9 plates x 13 failed on 14th

    Single leg plate loaded hammer strength upright leg press
    Piston style reps under control & hard contractions
    One set: 3pps x 14

    Leg ext
    Pause at stretch and contraction, controlled eccentrics, hard flexing
    Set 1: 11 reps
    Set 2: maintain weight initially and drop twice

    Barbell front loaded walking lunge
    One set until you drop weight and then do body weight pulse style until you fall over

    DB front squat
    Heels elevated
    One set: 100 x 11

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    Delts 12/22

    Standing barbell overhead press
    Controlled reps, Pause at bottom

    Set 1: 135 x 5
    I did a second set with 135 to see what I could regroup and get because I got a bit off balance on the first, but only got 3 reps lol

    Set 2: 115 x 7 almost 8

    Single arm seated DB press
    Set 1: 60 x 8

    Hammer strength press
    Dead stop reps
    Set 1: 2pps x 6
    Set 2: 1p + 25ps x 9 I believe

    DB lateral raise
    Set 1: 30’s x ~ 10ish
    Set 2: 25’s x drop, drop

    Preloaded ez bar upright row
    Really strict reps
    Set 1: 100x 11
    Set 2: 100x drop to 90, drop to 80

    Bent over cable rear delt fly
    Rope face pull from lat pull down
    2 rounds 15-10 reps each

    Single arm DB hammer front raise
    Strict reps
    Set 1: 30’s x 8 per arm I believe
    Set 2: 30’s x drop to 20’s

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    Hams 12/21

    Today was a good day!

    Execution: everything slow and controlled, pauses at stretch and contractions. Keep muscle engaged throughout
    Warmed up with adductor & abduction machine. No true working sets

    High wide leg press
    Set 1 : 7 pps x 15 last rep was spot forced
    Set 2 : 7 pps x 8 last rep was spot forced

    Barbell RDL
    Set 1 : 315 x 5 failed on way up of 6th, still controlled eccentric
    Set 2 : dead stop on floor still keeping hams contracted throughout, this set I also pushed my hips through more to contract glutes hard at top 225 x 9

    Cluster set
    1. Adductor machine
    2. Lying leg curl
    Both pause at stretch and contraction, controlled eccentrics, explosive concentrics
    2 rounds 15-12 ish prep range

    DB sumo squat/pull
    I really don’t know what to call these lol
    1 set w/ 130lb dumbbell it’s the heaviest we have, not sure on rep count
    Hard contractions in glutes and hard stretch on adductors at bottom

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    Back 12/19

    Still trouble with my left side, lat/delt/pec, all related to my low back/hip, annoying, but it’s stuff I know enough by now how to make it work and have a good session.
    Also a therapy day for me today post training as well to continue working on it.

    Cable pullover using ez bar
    Lower body weight shifted on toes
    Hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, stay locked into connection throughout
    Set of 12 increasing weight until I couldn’t get a full 12

    Dual handle cable pull down
    Hard contractions, controlled eccentric, good stretch without losing tension
    Let opposite arm stretch while other is working
    2 sets 12-10 reps

    Single arm DB row
    Hips square, good stretch at bottom, engage back, drive hard, strong contraction and keep that throughout controlled eccentric
    Reps stop when intended muscle fails
    Set 1: 130 x 9
    Set 2: 110 x 11

    Ez bar reverse grip rows
    Elbows tucked, Drive weight to belly button height, strong contraction, keep that throughout controlled eccentric, don’t release tension
    Set 1: 4 25’s per side x 9
    Set 2: dead stop set, keep upper parallel to floor
    45 & 25 per side x 10.5

    Chest supported T bar row
    Upper back emphasis with Elbows out, but still tucked enough to get lats involved and not all traps
    Set 1: 2 plates “rest pause” set x 11,4,2
    Set 2: 3 plates, drop 1, drop 1

    Thought I could try for something else, but was worthless beating a dead horse at this point even to do extra calves lol so called it a day

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    Chest 12/18

    Concept for everything:
    Tension on chest throughout entire rom
    Pause at chest/stretch
    Aim to be as explosive as possible on concentric
    Controlled eccentrics
    Hard contractions

    Flat barbell bench
    205 x 4
    185 x 6
    135 x 11

    Thought I would have had more than that in me, but that’s where they landed today.

    Incline DB press
    70’s x 7.5
    60’s x 9

    Seated cable fly
    Sets of 12 adding weight on each until I reached a set I failed at 8 then paused a sec and turned it into a flat press until I couldn’t, I think I got 5
    Set 2: same weight x 6, did a double drop flys only

    Incline hammer press
    Single arm
    Left pec was lacking activation compared to right and limiting me, so wanted to put this in today
    1 set each arm x until contraction failed

    Pin loaded shoulder press
    Seated lateral raise
    2 rounds 15-12 reps each

    Dual cable bicep curl on the free motion step up machine. Back facing machine.
    Elbows pinned behind back
    Thumbs wrapped and under pointer and middle finger (secret to bicep peaks)
    4 sets 17-9 reps

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    Quads 12/17

    Recorded enough today so this may end up being this weeks training video

    For the most part I’ve been aiming to do one work set per movement unless I feel otherwise needed
    Today I opted for a back down set on each
    Can’t quite seem to improve my strength on my quad movements the past few weeks the way I would like, and today reps just come to a halt and would fail prior to where I thought they should in my mind
    So I opted for a back down set to adapt to circumstance per se and get a bit more

    Still a good session as a whole. I’m real critical of my training and can be mentally stronger than I am physically, to a fault sometimes lol

    Working sets listed only, all to physical failure

    Hack squat
    Set 1: 11 total plates x 6 plus 2 spot assisted
    Set 2: pause in hole, aim to explode up
    9 total plates x 12 plus 1 spot assisted

    Smith front squat
    Set 1: “275” x 6 spot assisted final rep
    Set 2: pause in hole
    “225” x 7

    Single leg hammer strength upright press
    Set 1: 3pps x 17
    Set 2: 4pps x 7
    Guess set one was good enough lol

    Leg ext
    Set 1: 11 full reps + bottom partials until I couldn’t budge it
    Set 2: same weight x 7 full reps + drop for as many more full reps as I could, drop again and do top partials at contraction then once those failed did bottom partials until it wouldn’t move

    Front loaded walking lunge
    Not sure on reps just pick a weight and go till you can’t, drop weight and do pulse style reps until you can’t
    1 set


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    Arms 12/16

    All strict reps, hard contractions, slow eccentric, controlled concentric

    V bar cable press down
    Sets of 12 increasing weight until I reached a weight I couldn’t get 8 full reps

    Close grip press on hammer flat press
    Sets of 8 adding a quarter per side until I couldn’t get 6 full reps + double drop set

    Seated DB overhead ext – both arms
    Single arm – 20’s x 2 x 12-10

    1. Pin loaded dip x 11
    2. Bent over cable overhead ext w/ ez bar x 14

    Rope hammer drag curls thumbless grip
    Sets of 15 increasing weight until I couldn’t get 12 full + partials

    DB alt hammer curl
    30’s x 11 per arm

    Reverse thumbless grip ez bar curls
    50x 9
    50x 7 + double drop 40, 30

    Free motion seated curl
    Pump set alternating arms until contraction failed

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    Delts 12/15

    Standing barbell overhead press
    -been a while since I’ve done this but wanted to give them a whirl since they’ve been trending :p
    – I don’t think I’ve ever pressed 1 plate per side overhead standing before
    Set 1: 135 x 4
    Set 2: 115x 7
    Set 3: 95x 9

    Empty tank from here on. My fault lol

    Hammer strength press
    Dead stop
    2pps x 6
    Single drop set

    Seated single arm DB press
    60 x 7

    DB standing lateral raises
    20’s x 17 + partials
    30’s x 9 drop to 20’s drop to 15’s

    Tri set
    Rear delt fly
    Lying upright row
    Front raise
    2 rounds 20-12 rep range each

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    Hams 12/14

    Lots of warming up today, mostly hips
    They felt funkier than usual, most likely due to having an adjustment yesterday
    Almost like my body adapts to being out of alignment so when I get adjusted it feels off

    Good session though!

    Execution: Hard contractions, controlled eccentrics, pauses where applicable, tension kept where intended throughout

    Seated leg curl

    2 working rounds today
    Round 1: heavy rest pause set on adductor, straight set on seated leg curl 15-10 rep range
    Round 2: maintained weight on each but did a single drop set on both

    Lying leg curl
    1 working straight set

    High wide leg press
    Set 1: 13 total plates x 14 plus 1 spot pull off of me
    Set 2: 14 total plates x 9
    Heaviest I’ve ever done here

    RDL on hammer strength plate loaded squat/lunge machine
    I alternate weeks using this or DB’s
    I really like it, locks me in position and I can just keep driving tension on hams/adductors/glutes the entire time until the muscle fails
    3pps x 9

    Stationary lunge on smith back leg elevated
    Completely driving weight through heel, keeping tension on adductor, ham/glute tie in throughout until that fails
    2 working sets 15-9 reps

    DB lying leg curl
    HARD contractions and really slow controlled reps
    1 single drop set

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    Today is off from training for me

    But still did my usual am routine of cardio and abs

    I also had Chiro/Body work done today

    For today we did a full adjustment plus ART and Graston on my left pec/delt/lat, and also right ab wall

    My main “issue” right now all stems from my hip/low back on the right side, when that goes out it causes other things to shut off like my left lat, left pec, and left delt
    Cosmetically it makes my left lat look impinged in comparison to my right, my upper left pec appear flatter than the right, and left delt appear smaller

    Physically it affects my connection with the areas in training, I can connect, I just have to focus in on them more than the right
    It does cause my presses to be weaker on the left though
    And also hinders the rotation of my delt opening up in posing which of course will also affect the way my lat opens up

    Nothing detrimental here, it’s just a matter of staying on top of it to insure it’s getting adjusted regularly and not causing permanent imbalances

    There are also long term improvements that I can be making if my hips are functioning optimally like glute and leg development that I need

    Just thought I would share!

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    Michael – if I am training after 2 meals that day, then yes meal 2 is my pre training meal
    Which 97% of the time is when I train

    If I need to train at another time of the day, the contents of my pre and post meal will still be around training, I just rearrange meal order

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    3x 12 via 3 movements for triceps this morning along with fasted cardio
    Mostly do cable or machines, isolated movements, and do all my free weight work on arm day

    Back 12/12

    Chest was really sore and tight today so warmed up both my chest and delts a good bit before going into back

    Lat pull down
    Upright position as much as possible, slight arch in mid back, NO HUNCHING TRAPS at contraction, drive weight down hard under control, good contraction, controlled eccentric, slight stretch up top without letting delts roll

    Set 1: 140 x 11 full + few partials
    Set 2: 140 x7 drop to 100 x unsure

    Bent over barbell row
    Maintained as parallel of an upper body position to floor as possible
    Drove weight to rib cage for an upper back emphasis (rare for me but wanted to incorporate today)
    Tried to actually disengage my lats from being the dominant of the lift and focus on upper back thickness driving with elbows out instead of tucked
    Aimed to use as little momentum as possible and reps stopped when I could no longer move with muscle intended
    Set 1: 225 x 7
    Set 2: REALLY strict 185 x 8

    T bar row
    Driving hands to belly button
    Engaging lats and mid back
    Controlled eccentric, explosive concentric, hard contraction throughout
    Set 1: 7 25lb plates x 6.5
    Set 2: 6 25lb plates x 9

    Single arm cable pull overs
    No warm ups just went straight into pick a weight and go
    Set 1: 13 reps per side

    Bent over DB bilateral row
    Again upper body maintaining a parallel position to the floor
    Over stretching these
    Hard elbow drive
    Driving to waist
    No momentum
    Engaging total back, primarily lats/low lats & erectors
    Set 1: 90’s x 7

    Standing isolated single arm hammer row
    Really slow and controlled reps
    Not very heavy
    Hard squeezes through lats and low lats
    1 set unsure of total reps ~12ish per side


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    Being I’ve posted one full week of sessions, and my movements for the most part stay consistent, If you’d like to see more detail on execution, just scroll back to the session from previous week!

    Chest 12/11

    Slight incline smith press
    Set 1: “225” x 5
    Set 2: increased incline “185” x 6, rack, 2, rack, 1

    DB floor press
    Last week I did one set 85’s x 6
    This week I wanted 85’s for more, I slipped on the first rep, got it back under control on the second, slipped again on third and dropped it
    Regrouped and only got 80’s x 6
    So I was a little annoyed at this point lol
    Did a second set with 70’s x 8
    Wasn’t happy with these today but all I had there

    Incline DB fly
    Set 1: 50’s x 8
    Set 2: 40’s x 9

    Pin loaded dip machine
    1 double drop set I think total reps were 20-25

    Standing cable fly high pulley
    2 sets
    18ish reps on first
    Maintain weight set two reps reduced

    Single arm preacher curl
    Set 1: Worked up to hard set of 9
    Set 2: Same weight set of 6 then reduced weight and went back and forth between arms until I couldn’t get a strict 6 reps

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    Quads 12/10

    Working sets listed only
    No spot assisted reps this week

    Hack squat
    Set 1: 11 total plates x 6, failed midway through 7th
    Set 2 : reduced by 2 plates, slower eccentric, pause in hole x 12

    Smith front squat
    Set 1: “245” x 8
    Set 2: “135” extremely slowed reps both eccentric and concentric with pauses in hole x idk how many but it was miserable

    Leg press
    1 all out drop set started with 5pps to failure, pulled 2pps to failure, pulled 1pps to failure

    1. Leg ext
    2. Front loaded walking lunge
    One round didn’t count just made it suck

    Stretch/lie down wipe the tears and find the courage to drive home

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    Michael – no shrugs at all, ever for me
    If you listen to my back training video, I mention I purposely avoid trap involvement in my movements best I can, as they are a dominant part on my physique
    Always have been, but I’ve just gotten better over time on not letting them takeover in my training, along with building other areas around them.

    For arms –
    I’m currently trying something new the past two weeks as I have specific parts of my arms I want to improve vs just shooting for overall size.
    This is something I’ll touch on more at a later time.

    However, a typical arm day for me

    Tricep cable press down
    Sets of 15-12 adding weight on each until I cannot perform 12 strict reps

    Close grip press
    1 max weight set 8-6 reps
    1 back down set 12-10 reps

    Free weight overhead ext variation
    1 set ~ 12 reps

    Weighted dips
    1 max weight set 12-10 reps
    1 maintain weight set and either do rest pause or single drop set
    Sometimes super set this with a cable ext variation

    Rope hammer curl
    Sets of 15-12 adding weight each until I cannot perform 12 strict reps

    Either plate loaded preacher curl or EZ bar curl
    1 max weight set 10-8 reps
    1 reduced weight set 12-10 reps

    DB hammer curl alt arms
    1 max weight set 10-12 reps per arm
    1 set maintain weight and run the rack down in weight

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