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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Hey Caidin – The biggest thing that I think helps with this positioning is getting your hamstrings and glutes strong. The stronger I get my hamstrings the better I feel in this positioning. As far as how to do this in terms of RDL is you really need to find out how to actually load your hamstrings on your RDL – driving the load through heals (possibly pulling toes up if this helps activate for you) I find if you are centered over your toes the load is more apt to transfer to your back. Once you get confident here then apply a pause at the bottom stretched position of the RDL (this will then simulate a bottom row position). Also controlling lower back loading volume will help…ie the amount of exercises that your back is having to be stabilized through or assist in the movement.

    Donyea – Hey man right now my calories are high on all days so its not like I really aim to add more in on weaker body parts as I am for sure in a surplus on all days. Considering increasing frequency on a weaker body part is for sure an option but I would really aim to make weekly progress first and if that stalls out (which I really dont think it will for a long time) then consider other options.

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen
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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    James – I currently do not do any but honestly probably should do a few sets a week. I do get a lot of indirect stimulus through the various bent over rows, deadlifts ect but I should do a little direct work.

    Billy – Right now at the sake of volume left in my stomach I am only doing green shakes (fruits and greens by nutridyn) Once I start prep I will definitely get direct vegetable sources.

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Also Travis – I did do one video on this it might not be exactly what you want to hear but I do believe 9x out of 10 its the truth buddy check out the Jan Q/A video. That is also why I asked the questions I did above.

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Hey Travis – Just so I can get a little more info. What did you start out weighing when you started 6 years ago and what are you weighing now? Where is your strength now on compound lifts relative to where it was starting out?

    Hey Julian – If you think your shoulders are relative in size to your chest IE they are growing both at an appropriate rate as well as proportionate to each other I would honestly just start with Chest on both days and if you want to insure you have the proper amount of energy going into both I would set it up like this….

    Chest press
    Shoulder Press
    Secondary chest press
    Shoulder Lateral Raise Or Other Raise variation
    Chest Fly
    Shoulder movement variation

    Jan – Correct me if I am wrong here but I believe we have been in touch with you via email?

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Hey Eric – I believe its very important to have and education in anatomy and physiology as your basis to then understand how the body works and why things happen the way that they do. I don’t really think that you should make any changes to someones plan without having a reason why even gut reactions should have a foundational education to support them. That being said there is nothing greater as a teacher on a day to day basis then just being in the mix making changes, taking notes and seeing how individuals respond. That sort of thing you are not going to find in a book. There is not a book out there that is going to tell you what to do after a 12 hour flight being 36 hours out and the athlete looks completely different than when they took off, those sort of things are just learned over time!

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Hey Josue – I believe I answered that in a video response but I keep calories the same all days with a slight reduction to the calories I have on off days but what I am not getting through my workout.

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Back Training – I took off of deadlifts this week to let the strain in my right quad heal up, otherwise was a really really good session, felt much more assertive (which I knew would be the case) during my rowing movements having not pulled first.

    Supra Camber bar –
    270lbs weight added to bar x 10

    Fixed Position DB Row
    180 x 8 EA

    Single Low Row
    (I adjust myself on here so my chest is on the pad hips back as I am standing and using my other arm to keep me in a fixed position)
    4pps x 6
    5pps x 6.5

    Incline Lever Row
    (I look to get a bit more volume here since the load to me is very relative on this machine – upper back rows can very easily engage your lower back / momentum and I do not want that I want my chest pinned and my upper back doing all of the work)
    90 lb loaded x 13
    110 lb loaded x 9

    Supra Pullover
    190 x 13.5

    Standing Pulldown Reverse Mag Grip
    160 x 7 + 3 forced reps

    Forced Stretch

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Hey Brad – I would imagine that you are using your lower back more than your hamstrings which might even start with engaging lower back on your lying leg curl? Try to really actively push your hips back horizontally during your RDL and then lifting the weight through your hamstrings not your lower back. I would also pull your toes up toward your shin during the movement. Another thing is your need to make sure you maintain an arch in your lower back and keep your chest high throughout the movement, most tend to let their chest cave without knowing it then their lower back starts to round from not maintaining proper posture.

    It also could be an issue of total volume where once your hamstrings are overly fatigued then of course your body is going to compensate and recruit something else to move the load.

    Josue – I started pushing the food to this extent to start Jan, prior to I was at about 60-80g carbs per meal. No I am not doing a mini cut I feel if you push the diet at the proper rate you should avoid negative fat gain and should not need to mini diet. I will diet once I start my prep this May!

    Currently I am not doing any cardio when I had it in my weight was not moving at all.

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Hamstrings –

    The lying leg curl at our facility is getting revamped (which is cool) just in the meantime having to get a little creative with our first movement. What we ended up doing was starting with single leg leg curl but maintaining an upright position and aiming to drive hips through and then we added partner forced eccentrics. I find that is where most single leg leg curls lack is their eccentric loading due to the pulleys or cams involved is next to nothing so I think its important to add an eccentric load here if possible.

    Single Leg Lying Curl
    (top end set)
    100 x 10 full reps + 2 forced partials

    Barbell RDL (with pause at stretched position)
    425 x 9
    365 x 12

    Inverse Leg Curl
    8 reps
    8 reps
    6-7 reps with 2 being forced

    Walking Lunges (3 rounds)
    40 yards per

    ***By this point everything is so pumped I am struggling to curl my leg up just on my own lol
    Lying DB Leg Curl
    30 x 8
    30 x 6 + 3 forced

    Standing Calf raise (3 second holds at top and full stretch)
    180 x 8
    200 x 8

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Caleb – Definitely will get a back video up next buddy!

    Thank you Scott!

    Donyae – You would need to know your currently bodyfat level buddy and then from there you can assess fat mass vs fat free mass. Subtract the fat mass from the fat free mass and this is how you will know your lean body mass!

    New Chest training Video is up now guys!

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen


    Filmed this session for you guys so it should be up this week. I am sitting at 256 (ish) still but I do feel a bit dryer through my lower half so I feel my body is getting more acclimated to the calories now which is good and what we want. Thats the exact reason why I feel its important when you are pushing to not only get up to heavier weights but actually stay there a bit. The longer you are there the better it will feel!

    Flat Bench
    425 x 5 (Did not attempt a 6th rep as I knew I would not get it on my own and I wanted to have a bit more strength for my following sets than gassing out here. This was my first time touching 425 so I am happy with how it went.)
    405 x 6 + 1 forced rep

    Plate Loaded Machine
    4+25ps x 8 + 1 forced rep.
    (one of the things I talked about in the video is I have found my sweet spot is 3 heavy all out sets of presses. I have a decline on my 4th set and by decline I mean that I decrease the load and still do not match the reps of set 3 so I cut it off here – these were all PR’s today within the total workload.)

    Incline DB Fly
    Sub max sets of 8 from 40 – 85 making 15 lbs jumps per arm
    100 x 8 (slow eccentric and pause in stretched position)

    Chest Supported Cable Fly
    Sub max sets of 8 from 50-70 making 10 lb jumps per arm
    80 x Max reps (I honestly dont remember)
    60 x max rep (here I brought the cable down so rather than going high to low I kept it more in the same plane the entire time for an upper chest emphasis)

    Plate Loaded Dip Machine
    7p x 12
    8p x 7-8 (this was heavy!)

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen


    Hey buddy, hope everything it’s running well.

    Do you think can be beneficial use metformin before sleep 250mg to help in the cut process ?

    A: Hey man can you give me a little bit more context to this question. How is your current blood glucose levels in a fasted state as well to levels prior to each meal? Metformin can cause stomach issues in a lot of people its honestly not my first option unless you are really having issues controlling your glucose – even then I would revise the diet first. Have you tried any otc gda?

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen


    1. What advice would you have for someone looking to make a career out of coaching/personal training both online and in person?
    2. What do you like the most out of competing and what do you like the least?Any regrets?

    A: Very good questions man I will do a video on this one this week!

    Xan – 


    I would love to know how you approach refeed meals. For example, how do you know when it is time for a refeed meal? How many calories, carbs, and fat should be in a refeed meal? Do the food need to be clean like rice and sushi, or can they be dirtier foods like a fast food burger and fries?

    A: Xan great question I have gotten a few requests for my take on refeeds so I will do a video on this during this week so its up and posted!

    Keith – Any opinions on the Eca stack or yohimbine?

    A: Keith I honestly have never used an eca stack. Now yohimbine I am a big advocate of when used properly the only down side is the side effects that come from it like extreme anxiety for some, cold sweats, overall feeling of just feeling unwell for a few hours but if you can handle the sides I believe its the best natural fat burner you can use. Another thing about Yohimbine is that it is not often used properly in terms of dosing. It needs to be dosed off of the individuals lean body mass / size and not one size fits all. Its effects are also greatly diminished if not taken in a fasted state. I have found that women seem to handle using yohimbine much greater than most men in terms of the negative side effects.


    Hey Matt,

    First of all,thank you so much for everything you have done for our sport !

    Q : I am right now 13,5 weeks out and can’t do heavy shoulder and incline presses (shoulder pain).Do you believe the best option is to train only side and rear delts on shoulder day and avoid any incline movement on chest day ? Or doing something like pre-exhaust ?

    A: Thank you! Honestly buddy if you have an injury I would do your best to find ways to still load the muscle without causing further issues so if you can do heavy strict lateral raises and rear delt work. Possibly consider a DB Upright row too if that does not cause any pain.

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    Matt JansenMatt Jansen

    Leon – with the basis of everything I have talked about thus far on this site I want to get some engagement from you guys as well. What do you feel my thoughts would be on myo vs sarco hypertrophy? I would hope this would be an easy one to answer based off of the overall approach and presentation of this site?

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