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    I’m looking forward to this one!

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    Looking forward to it!

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    Nothing like a comeback

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    If you have determined the breakdown in your digestion then you should remove it. Food (and the proper digestion of that food) is the most anabolic thing that you can put in your body. Again, simply my opinion and I am not one to say who is right and who is wrong. I have made the best progress of my life since I took a few months to improve my digestive health.

    If you’re determined to continue certain compounds, try 10-15g glutamine before meal 1

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    I understand that there are times during the off-season that you would be eating more then you may be comfortable with. Same thing during contest prep, except in that scenario you’re obviously eating less then you’re comfortable with. Bodybuilding typically doesn’t involve a lot of “comfort” as far as eating goes, but I don’t think that you should have to “force” anything. I’d suggest first looking for reasons that you’re having trouble eating. Have you made any changes to protein/carb sources? What are you currently doing/supplementing with to optimize your digestive health? If you’re using foods that you know work for you, and your gut health seems to be in check you may want to try a temporary calorie reduction. Pull 500 kCal for a few weeks and consider throwing in a few extra cardio sessions (5x 30min week is plenty) when I did this I actually improved on a few of my lifts as I dropped some body fat and improved my digestion. Even if you lose a few lbs, it would likely be primarily water/small amount of fat. Just something that worked for me and may be worth a try!

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    What adjustments do you like to make in terms of variation adjustments as leverages go down? I’ve been able to structure my training in a way that has allowed me to continue some of my best months of training ever deep into my most recent contest prep, but I continue to struggle with pressing movements (my chest is a strong point visually)

    Thank you for the feedback and the constant updates!

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    What are your thoughts on hydrolyzed whey protein vs EAA intra-workout?
    Thanks for all of the information!

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    How far out from a show would you refeed a client? Walking that line of being flat for too long and not wanting to risk too much of a feeding 5 weeks out
    Thank you!

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