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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin


    Yes I would say on the main compound movements of the workout earlier on in the workout I focus on 1-2 hard top sets to failure. And as fatigue and time set in my last few exercises will be more isolation movements with focus on reps and squeezes

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Today(Friday) I trained shoulders in the morning. Very very good workout today going heavy as possible, controlled. I am putting a big emphasis on my shoulder training this offseason as I feel they are slightly lacking to chest development so will even be hitting shoulders twice a week sometimes to continue to bring up those areas.

    Shoulders 8/30:

    X-cable rear delt (lots of reps here warmup)
    20 x 20
    25 x 15
    30 x 15
    35 x 12 drop 20 x 15

    X-cable behind back lateral raises
    15 x 20
    15 x 15
    20 x
    20 x 10 drop 10 x 12

    Standing deadstop military press in rack
    135 x 12
    225 x 10
    275 x 10
    135 x 15

    Seated lateral side raises pinkies out
    20 x 15
    25 x 12
    30 x 10

    Seated military SA DB press
    80 x 10
    90 x 10
    100 x 10

    Rope cable between legs front raise
    40 x 15
    50 x 12
    50 x 10
    45 x 10/ 30 x 10/ 15 x 8 failure
    Lying reverse on incline bench DB rear delts
    35 x 20
    35 x 20
    35 x 15

    High incline hammer press finisher 5 second hold in bottom stretch:
    180 x 10
    180 x 15
    230 x 8

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Took yesterday off as my rest day since that is the busiest day of my week work wise. It’s good to have a plan ahead in place knowing when other life events need to take priority and can work it our with training schedule as well. My diet doesn’t change on rest days besides taking out the intra-workout carb drink and protein/carb shake. Sometimes I’ll add in the shake if can to continue to push higher calories but it’s good to give a little backoff as well. I do usually some steady state cardio on the bike or treadmill for 20-30mins on rest days.

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Very good session today training hamstrings with the wife in preparation for her Olympia competition. Have been really trying to bring up her posterior chain so these hamstring sessions have been intense and productive.

    Hamstrings 8/28:

    Standing calves raises
    135 x 20
    180 x 15
    270 x 15
    315 x 10 then 5 holds in bottom

    Seated leg curls
    225 x 15
    255 x 12
    285 x 10
    320 rest pause set 10/8/6

    Leg press wide and high stance
    8 plates x 20
    14 plates x 20
    20 plates x 15
    28 plates x 11 all out

    Adductors machine
    150 x 20
    170 x 20
    190 x 15
    Lying floor DB leg curls
    50 x 12
    50 x 10
    50 x 8

    Squat machine super wide stance
    280 x 15
    320 x 12
    340 x 10

    Glute bridge
    135 x 15
    225 x 15
    270 x 15

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin


    Typical workout is hour and half for me.

    Haha. I like this question:

    Chest- incline bench press
    Back- nautilus pullovers
    Hamstrings- lying leg curls
    Shoulders- military press
    Biceps- DB cross body hammer curls
    Triceps- skull crushers

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Progressing every week! Killing it man

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    So a breakdown of my current health supplementation:

    Every morning first thing I make a “Greens Shake” which includes:
    A greens and superfood powder
    Metagenics Endefen 1 scoop
    Revive Collagen 1 scoop
    Granite Supplements EAAs 1 scoop
    Twice a week 1 scoop fiberlyze*

    With this shake I take the following supplements:
    Revive- bergamot, tudca, kidney Rx, adrenalcore, immune-multi, omega 3, inflammation Rx, k2 + D3, multimin

    Joint support product, CoQ10, vitamin c, boron, Arjuna, milk thistle

    Training supplements:
    Granite supplements Inta-carb
    Granite Supplements Pre-Mium preworkout
    Creatine Hcl
    Granite supplements EAAs
    Taurine (to reduce low back pumps)

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Back 8/27:

    Wide grip cable lat pulldowns
    105 x 20
    135 x 20
    165 x 20
    185 x 20

    Nautilus pullover machine
    135 x 15
    225 x 12
    270/180/90 dropset

    Smith machine Bentover barbell rows
    90 x 15
    140 x 12
    180 x 12
    230 x 10

    Single Arm Dumbbell rows
    100 x 15
    130 x 12
    150 x 20

    Magnum plate loaded row machine undergrip
    90 x 15
    180 x 15
    270 x 10
    180/90 dropset failure

    Undergrip cable floor rows
    120 x 15
    150 x12
    180 x 10
    High hammer row machine 1 second holds
    80 x 10
    80 x 12
    80 x 10

    Assisted Pull-ups
    90lbs assistance for 3 x 15

    Standing shrugs 2 second holds at top
    4 x 15

    Take picture for the gram

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin


    I have never typically included this many fats before but I am using them as a means to get in more calories currently and push through any weight plateaus so far.

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Since we shutdown competing for the year after the 1st of June we have been really hitting the offseason hard not only in the weight room but mainly in the kitchen! Eat big to get big has never been more true and with my above average metabolism it has proven to be quite the task to continue to put on weight but we are getting the job done! Luckily I am a good eater and can force feed pretty well which is necessary right now in this stage of continuously reaching new bodyweight highs. Below is a breakdown of my current nutrition plan that I have worked up to so far this offseason and have been on this same plan for about 4 weeks now:

    M1: (pre-workout)
    2 eggs
    4 egg whites
    5oz red meat
    130g cream of rice
    25g raisins and 1 scoop PB2 into rice

    Intraworkout :
    50g carb source powder
    15g EAAs

    Post-workout Shake:
    2 scoops whey protein isolate
    90-100g carb powder

    8oz chicken
    300g rice
    30g Almond butter

    8 oz chicken
    280g jasmine rice
    110g avocado
    Sugar free bbq sauce

    5 oz lean red meat
    120g quick oats w/ PB2 powder
    1 egg and 4 egg whites

    8 oz chicken
    12 oz sweet potato
    30g almond butter
    Sugar free bbq sauce

    M6: (Jansen concoction special)
    250g low fat Greek yogurt
    100g berries choice
    90g granola
    20g almond butter
    30g whey isolate

    Macro breakdown around:
    430g protein/ 740g carbs/ 145g fat
    6000 kcal total

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Chest on the menu today! Great session overall, strength is at an all time high right now on pressing movements so really letting it rip on increasing weights. Ended with some calves and abs as I still like to get at least 3 sessions in a week of them.

    Chest 8/26:

    Cable fly pullovers
    30 x 15
    40 x 15
    50 x 12
    70 x 10 drop to 35 x 10

    DB incline press
    75 x 15
    100 x 10
    125 x 10
    150 x 8
    170 x 8

    Undergrip cable fly’s on seated military chair
    25 x 15
    35 x 12
    45 x 10

    Flex machine flat chest press
    180 x 15
    270 x 12
    360 x 11
    Double dropset 270/180/90

    Hammer strength wide press
    270 x 15 – 3 rounds
    Seated on military chair landmine chest press
    115 x 15 – 3 rounds

    Abs choice
    Calves choice

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Tonight I trained legs with a quad focus with my wife Ivana who will be competing in 3 weeks at the Olympia in the Figure Division in which she is also coached by Matt and we expect her to do very well. So I have been pushing her these last couple weeks leading into the Olympia to give her some best workouts possible. She trains harder than probably 90% of men out there so she is able to keep up on many of these workouts posted. Tonight it looked like this:

    Legs 8/25 Quad focus:

    Standing calves – 3 x 15 then rest pause set

    Seated leg curls- 2 x 15 then all out 1 and 1/2s top portion

    Lying leg curls – 2 x 15 then all out 1 and 1/2s top portion

    Leg Press quad stance low and narrow-
    2 warm up sets
    20 plates x 12
    26 plates x 10 all out set

    Adductors machine- 3 x 15-20
    Sissy squats- 3 x 15

    Hack squat hip supported- 2 working sets to failure around 10 reps
    Single leg curl machine- 3 x 12

    Bentover good mornings bodyweight- doing these to help strengthen lower back since it has been bothering me a bit with the increase in body weight. Strengthening exercises everyday from here on out.


    Tomorrow I will be posting my current nutrition and supplement regime that goes into this DRIVE FOR 265! I appreciate everyone that is taking time to follow along and I will get back to any questions posted!

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    I am currently waking up in the morning right at 250lbs which is the heaviest I have ever been and moving forward all of this will be new territory to me weight wise which has been fun but sometimes frustrating to get used to. I am dealing with some sciatica issues of nerves pinching in my glute that runs down my left leg that I am currently taking care of with a sports Chiro and some warm-up techniques I have learned work best to warm me up and prepare me for workouts so the sciatica is not an issue. I will continue to update on this issue and best practices I am doing to overcome and rehab.

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Hey everyone! I am officially starting my offseason log involving training, nutrition, lifestyle, opinions, etc that I have decided to call “Operation Open”. Some may know but Matt and I decided after a few competitions in the 212 division that my true calling and best chance to showcase my best physique is to continue to let myself develop and grow and so we will be moving to the open class next completion. Last year in June I became and IFBB Pro by winning the classic physique overall at the NPC Junior Nationals weighing 193lbs. One year later I competed in my pro debut in the 212 bodybuilding division weighing exactly 212 in which we had to lose some muscle at the end to make weight. Now I am very excited to continue to develop since I have only been competing for a little over 2 years now to see what my potential holds at a higher bodyweight which will suit my overall physique best. So what this log series and videos to come will cover is my process of putting on quite a bit of weight and muscle so I can be competitive in the open class division next time I am on stage. The goal is to get to 265lbs or more before we decide on any shows to cut down to which would put me in the 230-240lbs range on stage next time. So I will be sharing all of my training, nutrition, and supplementation I am implementing to have a very productive growing season which has already been going on and off to a great start! You can also follow me on Instagram @brett_wilkin for more picture and video updates daily.

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    Brett WilkinBrett Wilkin

    Kill it Michaela! Will be tuned in.

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