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    Appreciate the answer Michaela!

    in reply to: Rebound Phase 1 – Starting Off Season Plan & Log #1622

    Hey Matt, looking forward to following the log.

    Few Q’s:

    – How do you find your recovery is overlapping Quads/Back Thickness as far as lower back/spine goes?

    – What has been, in the past, the ‘sweet spot’ body-fat wise, where you felt, and performed best? Not asking for specific numbers here as they aren’t all that accurate, more-so just a brief idea.

    – Do you (/have athletes) measure BG, may it be fasted or post prandial and base intake on it (specifically in rebound phases)?

    Appreciate everything.

    in reply to: Iain Valliere Starting Plan Olympia #1621

    Hey Ian, Hey Matt – thanks for the log.

    Love everything laid out, but was wondering what the reasoning was for 50g carbs shortly PRE workout, rather than sipping it intra.

    Do you have a preference, as far as ingredient profile goes (ie. 2 scoops Raging Full, cyclic dextrin as opposed to a dextrose product)?


    in reply to: Michaela Aycock (14 weeks out plan) #1620

    Hey Michaela, Hey Matt, brand new to the site – exited to follow along.

    With 2-a-day training, would there be any alterations to # of exercises performed/total volume? Or no initial change, assessing as/if needed?

    How do you gage whether to train a second time or do cardio with fatigue accumulation prep entails?

    Appreciate the answer, and all of what you guys are doing on the site. Looking forward to digging into everything here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)