Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Getting caught up on the log from over the weekend.

Everything went very well this weekend. My weight dropped back down to 234.2 at its lowest. Yesterday was a family day and off day for me, I got up early to get my cardio done and out of the way so my weight was up a little as I woke up two hours earlier than normal. Today following off day I was 235. All good, I said in my video last week that I wanted to harden up and stabilize around 235 and I feel that is what is happening so I am happy thus far.

Saturday I trained arms – Superset style with rests in between each movement so that I could regain my wind to get the most out of each set.

Arms: Top sets listed 

I did 7 warm up sets on my first movements before getting into working sets. I find the deeper I get into prep the more time I take warming up the better my sessions go.

1 second full contractions on all reps

1A) D handle dual handle pressdown
50 x 10
50 x 8


1B) Single Arm Standing DB Curl (keeping my elbow pinned back curling forearm into bicep not out in front of me)
35 x 8 x 2

2A) Rope Cross Body Extension (Stack behind me)
30 x 12 / 10


2B) DB Preacher Curl
35 x 9 / 7

3A) Close Grip Bench press (using flex leverage press)
275 x 10
315 x 9


3B) Free motion Standing Cable Curl
50 x 8 / 6

4A) Hammer Dips
4pps x 8 (worked up to one top set)


Hammer Overhead Curl MTS Machine
60 x 9 / 7