Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Hey Guys

I have a full video prep update coming tomorrow. I have made a good bit of changes to my plan, body is holding pretty steady for now which is okay. Why we start early…

Things with Nathan are going very well, I cant say enough about his mental approach he just isnt like most bodybuilders in that he doesnt stress the small stuff. Dont get me wrong he isnt lax but if he is 30 minutes late for his meal he doesnt stress, he enjoys going out and doing things rather than just being couped up in the house.

Training wise we have been going by feel most sessions, I am changing up exercises a bit more and really just having fun but still sticking to the same principles. Typically training to true failure at the heaviest load we can for the rep range and then a back off set to follow. Some sets we do just work up to a top end set then move on. We are using a bit more volume in the work up sets so what I mean by this is like if we are doing RDL we do sets of 8 on RDL until we can no longer get 8 reps working up 50 lbs of bar weight per set.

Will continue to keep you guys updated here, this show is going to be a lot of fun I am really excited for the guys I have in it  as well outside of Nathan – Brad, John Jewett and Shaun Clarida.