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Catch up….

Hey Guys I have been Mia in terms of my own training due to getting a respiratory infection, I am one of those guys that it really bothers me to talk about myself in a negative sense IE being sick so I just let it roll, still a little sick but feeling well enough to train.

I am 20 weeks out from my qualifier which if all goes well that will then determine the direction for the rest of the year. I am going to be doing a weekly video log update for you guys once I get into the full swing of things. This week I am getting back to consistent nutrition from being sick, back to weighing EVERYTHING which I honestly have not done since my goal was to eat as much as I could I was weighing just to make sure I got enough but if I was over and not getting sloppy I deemed that as okay so now just tightening up everything a bit. Once I get my starting diet fully I will lay out here!

Training tonight was just getting back into things and I have one of my guys from Canada here Maher Alasfar he won the masters class at Canadian nationals and is preparing for the Toronto Pro.

Main thing we were working on tonight and I am going to wear this out with you guys because I really believe in it is truly focusing on the eccentric loading portion of hamstrings. You literally can contract the muscle in a way that you can only do with knee flexion and elbow flexion so all the way down you should be contracting against the load. I watch so many train hamstrings and that seems to be totally missed its more so just lowering the weight rather than flexing against the weight.

Tonight we did

3 Sets Lying Leg Curls (stretch partials on all sets)
Barbell RDL sets of 6 until a max set of 8 (again really driving heals into ground pulling toes up and loading hamstrings)
3 sets of Inverse Leg Curl (stretch partials on last set)
2 sets of single leg leg curl
1 max set after several warm ups of a wide stance leg press really getting deep into stretch and driving knees out.