Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Pedro – Hey Matt, which its your actual intra and preworkout shake?

A: Hey Pedro I listed that out for you on page 1 buddy 

Lucas – Hey matt i love your training log , good job ! And i was curious of why do you have fat and carbs in the same meal ? Thanks

A: Just to generate some educated discussion here why are you asking about carbs and fats in the same meal? Are you assuming that is a bad thing? Just trying to understand where your question is coming from. 

Eric – Hey Matt quick question on your leg press movements.. I see with your stance the depth changes slightly but what do you recommend as far as how low to lower it? Is it different for everyone? Any tips/pointers here? Thanks so much Matt.

A: Hey Eric it will be different for everyone but what I would suggest is the deeper that you are able to get without your lower back rounding off the bench the more you are going to be able to fully access and load all the tissue in your leg thus more growth throughout. So try to get as low as you can which for something like a leg press you are going to need to position your knees in a way to get past your trunk.