Saturday 4/20/19

Am fasted:
35 min stairs 20 min recumbent bike
3 sets hanging leg raises

So the way I had been treating my off season was I would either train arms on Sunday, or if I felt the need I would pair them with Delts Saturday to be able to have Sunday off
The second off day is good, but as you all know by now I really prefer to train arms individually
Now that I am in prep, I feel the second off day is beneficial, and plus both last Sunday and this Sunday I have needed to take off for other things to do like Easter with family tomorrow
However, I really feel like my arms need more attention than the secondary work I do through the week
So moving forward I need to decide if I want to move to a 3 on 1 off split so I can have 2 rest days and an arm day, or figure something else out as I’m not really a fan of 3-1 as I like set days for schedule reasons so I just gotta decide what I want to do
I’m just rambling thoughts here lol

Said all that to say since I needed Sunday off last week and this week, last week I did primary Delts with secondary arms, this week I made arms the primary focus as anyways I thought it would be a good idea to rest Delts for that pain in my rhomboid I mentioned on back days post this week


I recorded this one for the site, as I am due to post a training video and arms are up for that rotation
But to be honest it wasn’t the greatest in terms of my pump and connection today

Rope press down
Worked up to 2 max sets leaning forward into ext once press downs failed

Close grip smith press
“185” x 8, 3, and the dang lever on the bar got stuck and I couldn’t get it off for a third attempt, even tried standing on the bench and deadlifting it up lol
185 x 8 last two were spot assisted

Seated DB overhead ext
80 x 9 my goal was 12 but they just failed

Pin loaded dip
1 max double drop set

Cable rope curl
2 max straight sets

EZ bar curl
Sets of 7 adding a 10 per side
3 10’s ps x 5 dropped to 2 dropped to 1 for reverse grip

DB alt hammer curl
1 max straight set
1 max double drop set