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Hey Guys

I have been doing a lot of other work for the site this week and have not been updating my log here so I am going to start with Mondays workout. You will notice that I am not being as consistent as I would like to be with some of my exercise selection and “not practicing what I preach so to speak” but this is because I am trying to avoid further stress to my leg and or injury. I wish I could train exactly how I like but right now its just not feasible so I am trying my best to work around things and still be effective.

Another thing is when you are training with a training partner, especially one that was working his way towards prep and or is now in prep, if he has a nagging issue or tweaks something i am going to just follow along that day with what works best for him because his timing and issues are more important than mine within the moment. Some of this thought process of mine now I believe is maturation on my part and I might not have been in the position I am in now had I thought like this sooner rather than fighting through things. Ride movements until the wheels fall off but if your wheels are falling off, choose safer movements haha.

You will also see I goofed a bit earlier on in the week, Justin went into training triceps and I followed along forgetting I had planned to train them again two days later (in place of legs) Just a note though we ended up doing single arm machine dips and they were awesome, much harder than Bi lateral dips.



Incline smith lifefitness Machine
365 x 10 + 1

Decline hammer slow with pause (slowed down the tempo here because the machine is maxed out
5pps x 8 + 2

Incline hammer
4pps x 10.5 – 4 – 3 Rest pause set

Lying cable fly
42.5 x 16

D handle pressdown
57.5 x 12

Single arm dip machine
150 x 12.5