Diet update as of 4/12/19
AM weight: 145.4

Posted below is my daily base diet along with notes of what has been adjusted to it this time
Initial plan was started 5 weeks ago now, and this is the second change to be made
The other is listed previously in the log!

Photo attached from this morning upon waking

Cardio has been increased from
35 min 6x/week
To now
55 min 6x / week

Meal one:
150g egg whites
80g chicken
Peppers/onion mix
40g oats

Meal Two: (pre training)
45g cream of rice
30g whey

Removed intra carbs

Meal three: (post training)
100g gold potato
112g 96/4 beef
(Dropped 50g potato)

Meal four:
70g jasmine rice
112g chicken
(Dropped 40g rice)

Meal five:
112g chicken
40g avocado/guac
green beans
(No changes)

Meal six:
150g white fish
(No changes)

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