Matt JansenMatt Jansen

Back Training – I took off of deadlifts this week to let the strain in my right quad heal up, otherwise was a really really good session, felt much more assertive (which I knew would be the case) during my rowing movements having not pulled first.

Supra Camber bar –
270lbs weight added to bar x 10

Fixed Position DB Row
180 x 8 EA

Single Low Row
(I adjust myself on here so my chest is on the pad hips back as I am standing and using my other arm to keep me in a fixed position)
4pps x 6
5pps x 6.5

Incline Lever Row
(I look to get a bit more volume here since the load to me is very relative on this machine – upper back rows can very easily engage your lower back / momentum and I do not want that I want my chest pinned and my upper back doing all of the work)
90 lb loaded x 13
110 lb loaded x 9

Supra Pullover
190 x 13.5

Standing Pulldown Reverse Mag Grip
160 x 7 + 3 forced reps

Forced Stretch