Tuesday 4/9/19

Am fasted:
Cardio – 35 min on stairs
Abs- back supported knee raises 4 sets, plank

Chiropractor appointment post training
Also did some breathing drills as he learned a new technique that if one of the lungs isn’t functioning properly it affects certain rotational body mechanics, and through the few tests we did there was some apparent weaknesses and once we did the breathing exercises, re tested those areas and they were fixed. Really weird, really cool lol


Slight incline smith press
“225” x 6
“195” x 6, 3, 2 rest pause set

Incline hammer press
2 p + 25 ps x 6 + few partials
2 p + 10 ps x 7 + few partials

Incline DB fly
55’s x 7

1 straigt set
1 rest pause set

Free motion seated cable fly
1 double drop set

Seated lateral machine
Build up sets of 15 until reaching one max set plus partials

Cluster set
Straight bar tricep push down
Ez bar curl
Rounds of 12 increasing weight until reaching 1 max round