Wednesday 4/3/19

AM fasted
Cardio: 35 min on stairs
Bodyweight core strength movements

Hip pain still present so I’m still training in ways to just not make it worse

Barbell T Bar row
Reverse grip with straight bar
A new variation I’ve never tried but really like it! Great for even more eliminating trap involvement and having mid back emphasis
I put two 10’s on first instead of a 25 because it allowed for greater range of motion and the weight not hitting my ribs
Two 10’s & six 25’s x 7 more explosive
Two 10’s & five 25’s x 7 extremely controlled

Hammer strength plate loaded pull down
2 p + 25 ps x max set
2 pps x max reduction set
(Sorry I don’t remember exact reps)

Single arm DB row off incline bench
Attempted 125 for my top set as that was my previous best and it was just too heavy today, wasn’t happy about that
110 x 6
105 x 6
Not my best work to say the least and was pretty peeved if I’m being honest lol

Close Neutral grip cable pull down
Ez bar cable pullover
2 rounds 12-8 ish max reps each

DB high row off incline bench
Again here attempted 80’s as that was my previous best and it was just too heavy for proper contraction and control
70’s x max set of 7 I believe
50’s x max reduction set pause at contraction

Tricep cable push down
Work up to 2 max sets

Machine tricep ext
Work up to one max rest pause set